$9.99 Fuji +/-R 25-Pack and $19.99 Sony +/-R 50-Pack at BB

Starts Sunday, July 17th. No MIR involved.

Wonder if there’s gonna be another 10% off BB coupon.

i saw tons of fuji +/- 50-pack that were MIJ’s but don’t recall the 25 are MIJ’s.

Well, the 25 pks should be MIJ’s, since in other cases, the smaller pks are the better media. :bigsmile:

I ahve never seen a 25 pack of fujis or Sony MIJ , all the one here in N.J. are MIT, but all the 50 packs are MIJ. Even the TDKs are TYG02 on the dash in the 50 pack but the 25 packs on sale at CC Made in Taiwan TTG-02, but for 7.98 for 25 thats a good deal. They burn at 12x in my NEC 3520 but at 8x in my 3540.

I just got back from Best Buy…tons of the Fuji 25-packs and every single one of them were MIT.

Plenty of MIJ Sony 50-packs which we know to be TY though, so that’s what I grabbed.

I am sure all those Fujis will get scarfed up by all of the uninformed who were told by their “expert” PC friends to only buy Fuji media, but never bothered to tell them which Fuji media and why.

I too just got back from my Best Buy and they had plenty of MIJ 25 pack DVD+ for 9.99. Just confirmed they are Yuden000T02. The MIJ are easy to see, they have the grey plastic bottom, whereas the MIT have black ones.

Also just left Staples, first time I ever saw FujiFilm there. They had 50 pack DVD+ MIJ for 17.98, I believe it’s an unadvertised special, they had plenty of both DVD+ and -. Didn’t look at the DVD- for where it was made, I only use + for bitsetting.

I didn’t buy them because they are dark blue over the entire disk, easier to read when writing on silver disks.

Where was this BB, Innuendo? It seems the stock depends on the BB, although I too have shockingly discovered not all Fuji in 50 pks is MIJ (the local SAMS in Temple, TX has MIT :Z ), but the BB in Waco and Killeen had 50pks of MIJ in both DVD+R/-R (yuden000t02-00/tyg02) that were excellent–although you had to check the backs of the disks for dye spotting… :eek:

hey itzbin:
those fuji’s @ staples are actually 30 pacs (3 ten pacs) multi-colored. i think its red, blue, and yellow. my staples had boatloads of them. they had both mid’s (mij & mit). they also had the 100 pac slim jewel cases 4 $17.98. i thought i saw on some deal site these bad boys were supposed to be $7.98 this weekend. witch is a nice price for ty’s (+r mij’s) even tho its 30 pcs to a pac. if i was bettin, i would guess there is gonna b a sale on these.

The ones I saw were a 50 pack spindle, the top disk was blue, don’t know if other colors were inside that spindle. And for sure they were marked MIJ.
Come to think of it though the 50 pack spindle did not have the same packaging as the ones I see in Best Buy with the blue wrapper.

Hope I’m not still hung over fro the concert I went to last night, can somebody else confirm that Staples is selling th FujiFilm in a 50 pack spindle?

Edited: allan1476 has also stated on another thread that these in fact are 30 disks and not the 50 I imagined I saw. Sorry for the misinformation, gotta stay away from those concerts.

did anyone buy the sony 8x +r mij ??? r they still ty t02’s ??? i ask this because they now have some kinda “accucore” marking on packing. i looked at my sony 8x +r mij (purchased over a month ago) and they say nothing bout “accucore”. and if this is something special then is it a ty thing, since these s/b ty’s, or are the sony 8x +r mij a different mid now???

The Sony 8x DVD+R MIJ are still YUDEN000T02, Accucore or not. You can physically inspect the top disc and see a TY serial.

I found 50 packs of TDKs made in Japan media code TYG02 at CompUSA for 17.99. And it came with a free 40.00 disc shredder. They also had 8x + TDK media code Yuden 000-T002-000 for 17.99 for 50. They had about 200 packs all mixed up with Taiwan media and MIJ media. I picked up two TDK TYG02 50 pack for 35.00USD. I think thats a good deal.

I bought a pack of MIJ Fuji 8x +R they are yuden T02 SN, TG001125. There is blue cardboard detailing the warranty on top so you can’t see the sn without opening the pack. The also had Made in Taiwan (MIT) without the cardboard on top. They had 10+ MITs in the front and only a few MIJs in the burner aisle.

This would be a great find…anyone??? Heading to BB later today :slight_smile:

Be careful about the Fuji MIJ 25 pk DVD+R. I say this because when I went to Killeen (TX) at the BB there, I checked 4 25 pks and all of them had 5-7 with significant dye spotting on the back, so I walked out with nothing. If you bought them without checking the dye on the back, you might want to check those at BB. I’m not trying to cause a panic, but it appears this BB specifically and perhaps a few others in general may be either selling older stock that’s set around too long and been exposed to too much light and heat… I have gotten 2 50 pk DVD+R spindles that were fine, alhtough I once got a DVD-R MIJ 50 pk (would have been TYG02) that had 20-25 with serious dye spotting on the backs that I returned for another DVD+R 50 pk (and it was fine), so do a ‘spot check’ (no pun intended) of the first 15-20 of a 50 pk or the first 10 of a 25 pk. If there’s any spotted ones in there, they will show up at or near the top.

Great heads up, I will for sure check them out right when I get to my car :slight_smile:

That doesn’t surprise me at all. I went through 3 Fuji DVD-R (TYG02) 50 packs that were nothing but spotted discs. There have been some reports of this going on with Fuji media so from now on I will just pay the little extra and order the unbranded stuff online.

Just checked my Fuji’s DVD+ 8X 25 pack bought yesterday at BB, they are genuine TY and not one of them has any dye imperfections. I also had two 50 pack spindles I bought at Best Buy quite a while ago and not one coaster.
Wonder if the humidity in Texas has anything to do with the defects.

But thanks for the tip, I will inspect all on future purchases.

itz… I have no idea exactly what’s happening. I think I might try again when I go to Waco on Wednesday, because they are good TY (genuine), and when the dye is not spotty, they burn soooooooooo well. :bigsmile: