$9.99 for 50pc JVC printable -R @hhgregg

I bought one today. It is 1-16X, MID MJC M005, made in Malaysia. I burn it @8X. The PIF is less than 400, PIE is less than 20000. Looks like a good deal. There is only one thing, which only time can tell, is it another Ritek G4?

Could please give more information on this, is it DVD or CD and where did you buy them.

Printable DVD-R

Regular DVD-R

I have had some of these for a while, I might get another 2x50 would be ~$26 shipped, not to bad for printable.

I will post up a few scans in a bit so everyone can see what they look like.

After some further inspection of my discs before I started burning I notice a lot a small scuffs on the discs :frowning:

Here is a thread I started in April


Here is 8x Burn from my LG H42N

Here are my scans:

Looks like a kewl store. Closest one to me is in Tennessee but yes i can order online.

No +R’s :frowning:

Very nice burns :smiley:

Thanks for scan :clap:
Very nice with your PX-760A and [B]BenQ 1640[/B] :iagree:
Price and Quality it is Very Good Deal :iagree:

One more scan - burned by LG H42N @8X

My experience with JVC media was very bad , at least for 8X DVD-R media.

8X scan was decent and jitter was awesome while 16X scan failed with No Additional Sense Error and TRT was very bad at the end of the disc .

I highly recommend a TRT and 16X scan periodically to see whether it would degrade or not .

Here are the 8X and 16X scans and TRT :

I had ridiculously bad results with 8x Optodisc media. It was so bad I was too ashamed to post scans. Nothing but garbage. Despite that, I was encouraged by your results with 16x Optodisc under the Samsung brand. It turned out that 16x Optodisc was a vast improvement over 8x Optodisc, such that all the 16x Optodisc I find is good, whether it’s Samsung or Imation branded, or otherwise.

The point is that many manufacturers seem to have really improved their media since the 8x days, and 16x media has become a lot more reliable across the board. Even Princo has improved, and that’s saying something. So, I think it’s important when talking about certain media to not assume that if the 8x was bad, then the 16x will be bad too.

That is why I recommended 16X scan and TRT .
When you use a certain 8X media brand and find it bad , you should be very careful when getting the same media but 16X and do extensive testing just to be sure .

BTW : OPTODISC OR8 8X DVD+R was also excellent under Samsung brand specially the new style Pleomax with that girl :bigsmile:

Price went up to $14.99

MIM, must be made by Daxon, very decent if it is guaranteed MIM. Since purchasing online, some JVC media are made in Hongkong so buyers beware

Here comes 16X burn. Top one scanned @8X, bottom @max.

Very good PIE/PIF but jitter is high .
I would like to see a 16X speed scan and a TRT :slight_smile:

damn i thought you misspelled newegg lol

hhgregg will have it on sale for $9.99 again this Friday and Saturday.

[QUOTE=ghetocowboy;1856096]MIM, must be made by Daxon…[/QUOTE]

Wake up! :rolleyes:

These are made by MJC. Daxon isn’t the only game in Malaysia.

[QUOTE=anodalex;1934892]hhgregg will have it on sale for $9.99 again this Friday and Saturday.

Those are the regular DVD-R disks, not the printables as with the original deal. Also, the online site only has the 50-pack, not the 100-pack, but they are on sale right now:


Unfortunately, UPS Ground is $6 or more, so that kind of kills the deal for a spindle for testing. You’ve got to commit and buy several packs to make it worthwhile.

3x50 16x printable shipped for me is $38 not to bad