9.5gb dvd-r

Newbie alert! :slight_smile:

Tried searching, but haven`t came up with anything. Highest capacity seems to be the normal 4.7gb. :confused:

Are these size of discs available yet?

I have a pioneer 104 dvd writer, would this drive be able to write these discs?


There are dual-sided DVD-R discs as well. 4.7GB per side, so they have 9.4GB capacity on both sides. To use the other side, one needs to manually flip the disc. Many DVD recordable media retailers have them.

I have seen 9.5 gb double sided dvd-r media for sale for approx ร‚ยฃ2 a disc, but they have 4.5 gb a side & you turn the disc over too write the next 4.5 gb, so I beleive. So why not just split your DVD movies over 2 single dics, @ ร‚ยฃ0.50 a disc , & put them in a double DVD disc case??? lol, like wot most of us do ;-).

There is no 9.4 double-sided DVD recordable media for under US$1 as far as I have seen. Canโ€™t recommend them to anyone.

yeah Iwas disappointed too when I saw what a 9.4Gb disc was as well:) . I will stick too 2 single discโ€™s for now, I think.