9,4gb DVD burner?

Do you have news about DVD burners able to burn dual layers DVD, I mean 9,4gb on a single DVD side?
A friend of mine told me that in the USA there are some models of them but I don’t know nothing more.

i know that philips is coming with an dual layer DVD writer somewhere early 2004
dont know if there is one available right now (doubt it)

I was on the lookout recently for 9.4G DVD recorders…and I didn’t come across any.

As Maelstrom correctly pointed out, Philips is planning on coming out with one sometime in the 1st quarter of 2004 (probably later).

With that said though, I wouldn’t expect them to become common anytime soon, since their price will be quite high when the first generations come out, and the media isn’t exactly cheap either.

Of course, like everyone, I can’t wait to get one, but the smart thing in the long run will be to wait a 2 generations or more, until the tech is more tested, and the prices of both the hardware and the media come down.