- slow to load and requires 2 UAC OKs

When using 8, I never had to click on the pop-up UAC approval. It loaded quickly without any confirmations.

I’ve just installed and the UAC pop-up comes up twice for confirmation to let it load, and then it took 93, 91 and 102 seconds on three trials to get my registration data in order to load. This is on a very fast internet connection.

This is certainly NOT an improvement over 8, and to my view, a major inconvenience.

Are other people experiencing similar concerns?

I sent a similar message to DVDFab on their support / send an email page.

They replied quickly with the way to fix it.

On the opening screen, check the box at the bottom:

All the functionality of that graphical frontend is replicated within the main program anyway so there’s no real loss experienced by disabling it and even in normal circumstances this speeds up loading.