8x writing on nec 2500

I have a NEC 2500 and when I try a burn a Prodisc 8X DVD-R disc, it only writes at 4x. I’m using Nero, and fw is at 1.06. Before I upgrade Nero I wanted to make sure this was the problem.

I have been using DVDXCOPY for backups at 4x quite successfully for over a year, but with the price of 8x media, I would like to start writing at 8x. I’m also using ULEAD VideoStudio 7 to create home movies, and this is also limited to 4x.

Is my problem the SW or the FW?

Running WinXp SP2.

1st of all, welcome in the family :slight_smile: .
2nd, just do a search for “herrie” and “107b5” firmware; download it, unzip, apply: you’re done! 8x on almost media in the market!

So Nero 5.5.11 supports 8x writing to the nec 2500?

i thought nec 2500 came out after nero 5.5.11??
Just upgrade to the latests if possible

Yes, the nec 2500 did come out after nero 5.5.11. If upgrading to nero 6 would work, I think I would prefer to do this than risk a fw upgrade if it isn’t necessay. I believe the nec 2500 was advertized that it supported 8x write.

I just wasn’t sure where the dependancy was.

Thanks for all the advise.


Prodisc 8x -R’s burned at 8x in my old 2500 and 2510’s

However have also been using Nero 6 Ultra for some time now-

Make sure that the firmware is up to date-


Nero is not controlling you write speed, the firmware is. Nero can only write at speeds that are supported by the FW, both regarding low and high writing speeds.

The reason to upgrade Nero should be to get a version that recognizes the NEC 2500A and thus produces more reliable results.