8x write speed with 1673 / 1693



Hi all!
Why with this drive the 8x writing starts always @5.5x and this speed is mantained for 1/3 of the disc?
My old (but i’m thinking better) 1633 when i wrote a disc the speed immediatly was 8x :confused:


Up :confused:


Doesn’t your 1673S first spin up and down for about 1 min before starting to burn? (it’s learning from the media with timings for 6x write speed). Then doesn’t it quickly hit 5.5x and then build up to 8x by .1x?


Yes, for both questions! :confused: :frowning:

I remeber my old 1633S: it starts immediatly burn and @8x :iagree:


It would only start at 8x if you are burning a second or subsequent burn on a multi session disc, which is already past the CAV part of the burn ;).

The 73S/93S has two start points, for an 8x burn, 5.5x and 6.6x, depending on the media and will use CAV from here, until it reaches 8x and then CLV to the end.


Ok, thanks CodeKing :bigsmile:
The 1633S use CLV for all the disc? Isn’t true?


I doubt the motor could spin fast enough to acheive 8x at the beginning of the disc. I think 6.66x at the beginning is close the max allowable rpm of the disc and spindle motor.