8x Video Read



Why does the 3540 read video DVDs at only 8x?

That makes ripping slow compared to other DVD burners.

Is it a quality consideration?


Maybe for noise reasons - anyway an upgrade to Liggy and Dee’s modded firmware should take care of that limitation…


Check this link for further info:



Yes, I believe that has to be the reason. I ripped the Nero Test Disk (SL) in 5 minutes at an average rate of 9.0x. And I ripped a new video (DL) with no wear on it in 16 minutes.

The disc I commented on here is an old video (DL) with some obvious use on its surface but no large scratches or other damage. It took 34 minutes. Apparently the 3540 is able to discover the quality of the surface and adjust accordingly. Do you have any comments about how it does that?

Before I got the 3540 I had a Sony/LiteOn OEM DL burner and it ripped old discs in 15 minutes but it also made coasters and that is why it went back to the store.

anyway an upgrade to Liggy and Dee’s modded firmware should take care of that limitation…

I will definitely look into that but first let me mention that I am new to the wonderful world of DVD technology, although I am not a stranger to the computer world by any means. I have heard that unlicensed firmware can ruin a DVD burner so you can understand my initial reluctance to flash with it.

Perhaps you all could comment on this issue - any references you provide will be studied thoroughly.

I believe you have supplied a reference in the next post and I will be looking at it. But I need to become comfortable with flashing unofficial firmware before I commit to doing it. I have a UPS so I am not worried about power glitches. I am running a new system that has proven exceptionally stable in torture tests, so I feel confident the computer will do its part properly.

I am sure there is no real issue here because you all flash unofficial firmware all the time. My big question is what can go wrong, what can I do to avoid it and what can I do if I run into a problem? I hate to think I will have to throw away my new 3540 just because I screwed up.

Does NEC plan to offer firmware to work around this slow video read matter, or are there any utilities that I can use to adjust the internal parameters of the drive on a temporary basis - maybe a Registry hack or something that talks directly to the 3540?

I will also search the forum archives to see what I can learn about this - I just joined a couple hours ago and have not had time to peruse all the wisdom contained therein.

Thanks for your assistance.