8x Verbatim Transfer Rate Bad?

I burned this disc at the rated 8x speed. Then I scaned for PIE/PIF, they looked alright. Then I ran a Transfer rate test and this came up:

Anyone know why it’s wavy at the end like that?

Me too got problems with this batch of Verbatim +R 8X

Just posted on this fourms

I using CD speed to scan

The same disc with CD-DVDSpeed:

My quality score are all Zero :a
It was running at 97-98 before the end …

My Benchmark for the 3rd burned:

I noticed you are using the BSLB firmware on your BENQ1640, I’m using BSMB.

Do you have another drive to do a read test on?


This is my 1st and only DVD writer I owned :doh:

I seem to recall reading that the BenQ 1640 has trouble reading at a constant 16x at the end of discs, which is why the read test results look so horrible. So I did a few tests of my own using a piece of MCC003 which did not have that good a quality scan (ber118 : it’s from SITEX too) :

BenQ 1640 :

LG GSA-4163B :

So, yup, it’s probably the BenQ’s fault.

OP, for fun, try speed testing a DVD-ROM disc to see how the scan looks.

karangguni, are you using the same disc for the abv scans?
So … is not that I got a bad spindle, it is BenQ firmware BSLB that caused the problems. Will try it on fw BSMB tonight.

Set the read speed to less than 16x in Nero CD-DVD Speed, give 14x a try and see if the slowdowns go away.

This only happened to 2 discs out of 10 I burned. The discs are from the same spindle. In other drives, the graph is not as evident, but usually towards the end there is a complete drop. It seems that this happens after the 3.5 gig mark at speeds over 8x. Most drives max between 6 and 10x.

Tested Nero CD-DVD Speed at 8X, still the same result :sad:

Something strange is going on. I ran Nero CD-DVD speed at 8x too, and mine came out with a totally smooth curve.

Yes, it is the same disc.

Maybe a dumb question, but did you change the actual read speed or the displayed speed? In the settings of CD-DVD Speed, it is easy to confuse the setting for the displayed read speed as changing the actual read speed. To change the read speed - Options-Standard Tests-Speed-Read Speed and select, say 12x.

Thanks, it is not a dumb question to me at all not to worry, really appreciated for your input. I really confused and tested it on 8X speeds based on the display setting. I have already followed your step by step instruction to change the read speed and tested it, the results is still the same. I have given up on this spindle already :cool:

Just found out last evening that this batch of media only work well on 4X scan speed without using any hacking or strategy swapping method, anythings above it 4X scan speed will caused coaster.

xtlee, just realised that you are also using 4X speed to scan, did not catch it earlier.