8x that burn at 12x



sorry i didnt do a search, im at work and my internet time is counted because of some fools here.

anyway, is it common for 8x to show up being to be burnt at 12x?
i just bought a benq 1620pro and some media and under nero and dvd decrypter they show it can be burned at 12x. is that ok to do? or should i burn at what the media says to.
thanks for any feedback in advanced.


Try a disc or two and then check the error levels with Nero CD-DVD Speed’s Disc Quality function. There are some 8x media (like YUDEN000T02) that overspeed event to 16x just fine on the DW1620.


MCC003 do okay @ 12X on the Benq 1620.


i have Ritek R03’s that regardless of what i do the scans are horrible (4x,8x,12x)
i actually used some maxells from Wallmart that scan beautifully, who woulda thought. but i just ordered a stack of TY’s from Rima so we’ll see as soon as i get em in. now that i think of it, the maxell was burned at 12x and the scan was good, maybe i’ll use those when i cant get my hands on TY’s.
thanks for the help, this has to be one of the greates formus for help. ppl here dont bash you if you dont know what your talking about.