8X Taiyo Yuden at BestBuy

this is real, just bought some also, they are the 50 cake box 8x dvd+r for 29.99 with a 5.00 rebate.
The rebate states “Any effort to exceed the maximum of one (1) check per household constitutes fraud.”

Yoden000T02[Taiyo Yuden Company Limited]

T02 is +R

I got the Yuden +R’s from Fuji.

I’ll give that firmware a shot, thanks!

(I find it amazing that different firmwares provide such vastly different results for the Liteon… there is no “one” good firmware for these drives. ARGH!)

8x fuji +r not listed on the add online but I went to store and although it was not marked at 29.99 the price did come up as such. woot :smiley:

ok, what is this “rebate” thing, never heard of it untill cdfreaks, i take it that it is a american thing, can somebody please explian?

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its special offers where you get money back when you purchase it at the time of sale. whether it be from manufacturer or store themselves

Rebate=an additional discount that you get, after you mail in a copy of the reciept, UPC symbol and rebate for to the company. Wait 6-8 weeks and they send you a rebate check. So you actually don’t get the After Rebate price at the time of purchase.

It’s a secret colonial conspiracy to befuddle mother England if she ever tries to impress our sailors again. :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I needed something to tip me over 300 posts. And you never really know with us sneaky Americans, do you? :wink:

so wait, you mail in a recept for like $5 rebate and wait like 6-8 weeks for a check? sounds pointless and barely worth doing. why cant they just give you $5 off in the first place :confused:

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Because some people don’t send in for the rebate thus the store saves $5.

Rebates are an incentive for consumers to make the purchase. The company keeps your money for 6-8 weeks, invests it to make some money and then gives it back only if you meet the guidelines of the offer.

Some people don’t send the rebate form back (the company makes money). Some people buy 4 packs but can only get a rebate for one (the company makes money). And some people get their rebate check and never deposit/cash it (the company makes money).

The rule of thumb is to never buy a product with a rebate if one was not going to buy it before the rebate. $30/50pack is not bad considering that the Fuji TY discs work well with my 851s. I would not have purchased them, however, if the discs were not TY. In fact at Best Buy the FUJI +R 50 packs had two different manufacturers (one from Japan and one from Taiwan). BEWARE.

Best Buy had at least 6 different +R brands of discs sitting side by side and for about the same price. I saw 5-6 people shopping just by price. Rebates are a powerful stimulus for a consumer that shops by price.

Here in Oklahoma their sneakier than that. They have the 50pc cakebox and a double-pack of 25pc cakeboxes sitting side-by-side. The price labels on the shelf both state “50pc DVD+R Pack”, but the price for one is $30 - $5mir and the other is $49 - $5mir. Same SKU and barcode!!

Widely available Maxell CD-Rs are made by Tayio Yuden. Both the Silver and Pro(Gold)

Usually rebates tend to come from the manufacturer of the product, do they not?

More and more large chain stores (Bestbuy and Circuit City for example) offer rebates in addition to the manufacturer. But yes, the traditional model is for the manufacturer to offer the rebate.

I guess what I mean is the individual store never issues the rebates, it’s either the corporate office or the manufacturer. So that’s why they don’t just “lower the price” I guess.

Was able to get a pack on the last day, thanks for the heads up.

In my opinion rebates are a scam, over the years I must say I only received about 60 % of then in a timely matter, the other 40 I had to fight tooth and nail and had to resend the information in and wait another 8 weeks. I always kick myself in the pants by saying I will never do it again, but I do. Always keep copies of all correspondence for backup and referral.
Just bought a new Epsom Printer from CompUSA that had a 30.00 CompUSA rebate and 20.00 Epson rebate. Bought it on September 12, mailed in reabte September 13,
Had been checking the sites for the rebates status and neither one appeared. I called both Epson and CompUSA today. Regarding CompUSA’s CS rep, I could barely understand, and she told me to fax them the information, took me 5 minutes just to figure out the fax # she was trying to give me.
Then called Epson and was pleasantly surprised to speak to someone that English was their first language. But the information I received was even more disappointing. They also said we have no record of your rebate, she went on to say it takes 6 weeks to put it into their system. I tell her the rebate states 6-8 weeks for the check and you inform me that it takes six weeks to enter the information, thereby if it was lost, I have missed the postmarked date for eligibility. She tells me to call again in two weeks.

I am truly amazed, living in my home for 30 years, the Post Office has managed never to loose a incoming bill, yet when it comes to rebates, the companies claim it must be lost in the mails by the Post Office. They don’t know who their messing with, I have akready spent 6 month on one 10.00 rebate and was in touch with the Michigan Attorneys General office (company was in Michigan), in the end i got a 20.00 rebate.
Was it worth the time and effort, absolutely not, but it was satisfying to know that they didn’t get away with it. It’s not the money at all, only the principal.

For those of you in Europe that don’t know what rebates are, consider yourselves lucky, you really don’t want to know, just another American trick to screw the public.

To be honest some rebate house have improved a lot over the last few years. TCA being one of them. It used to be a gamble when I see New Rochelle, NY in the rebate form…Now they even send me 2 emails to notify approval and mailing of checks.

We do know what rebates are, but so called “mail-in rebates” are still very uncommon, while “instant rebates” are quite popular. HP started some mail-in rebate campaign for some of their printers now, for example, but AFAIK, it received poor response so far. Mail-in rebates don’t seem to be very popular over here.

I personally agree with that, I don’t like the idea of receiving the rebate (much) later either, especially if it is a hassle.