8X Taiyo Yuden at BestBuy

I just bought 50 a pack of Fuji 8X DVD+R at BestBuy, at $30 with $5 rebate(final cost $25). When read by DvdinfoPro it says YUDEN000T02. They have made in japan pack :bigsmile: .

I got the same Fuji cakebox about an hour ago as well, and they state 12x according to Plextools for my 712, sweet deal :slight_smile:

Is the rebate instant? Damn, so many choices.

Just came back from BB. The ad in the front door states $50 - $20 instant = $30 - $5 MIR. Here’s a photo. Thanks for the heads up!

This is a sweet deal, just grabbed some myself!

Interesting…the ad shows 2.4x Fuji’s…I’ll have to check it out and see what’s up.


I went to the BestBuy in Palo Alto this afternoon.

They only have the 4x Fuji which is Made on Taiwan on sale.

Our local ads say (25302250) SKU 5222056

I think the 8x are 25302252.

What are the SKUs for the BestBuys with 8x Fuji made in Japan?

Are you blind?

Thank you for your “helpful” comment.

So what am I missing?

Yes, I try, I really do. You’ll find it… eventually.

Great deal, great find.

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD+R:YUDEN000-T02-000]

Disc Type : [DVD+R]
Manufacturer ID : [YUDEN000]
Manufacturer Name : [Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd.]
Media Type ID : [T02]
Product Revision : [Not Specified]
Disc Application Code : [General Purpose]
Recording Speeds : [1x , 2.4x , 4x , 6x-8x]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,295,104 Sectors = 4,482.6MB = 4.38GB (4.70GB)]

[DVD Identifier - http://DVD.Identifier.CDfreaks.com]

My BestBuy also had the 4X and the 8X discs. Had them scan the price and they are the “SAME PRICE”. They even are under the same BestBuy part number. At 50 cents each to burn at 16X on my 3500A is a great deal…

Charred water, it saids up to 8X on the front label of package.

I bought some yestereday. They had both 4x and 8x cake boxes. I didn’t bother with the 4x ones. The 8x prices were incorrectly labeled $44 . I asked a staff person to scan them for me and they are $30 plus a $5 rebate.

fwiw the rebate says you can on have one per household.

Ok, what kind of burners do you guys have? I’ve got a Liteon 851S and picked these up… and they turn out HORRIBLE scans. Like PI errors in the THOUSANDS, and PIF’s in the HUNDREDS. Am I doing something horribly wrong or do Liteons hate Yuden T02?

[B]It doesn’t state one rebate per household, but ONE REBATE CHECK mailed to the HOUSEHOLD…

Therefore, you can submit more than one in the same envelope and request the one check…[/B]

Gurm, Lite Ons generally perform not so good burns on DVD-R media. If you got DVD+Rs you might want to try codeguy’s firmware (CG3B) which provides excellent DVD+R results. If you got the Yuden DVD-Rs you might want to run the Sony Firmware YV06 or something…it’s on codeguy’s website as well. You can crossflash your 851s to it. This firmware provides excellent DVD-R results. Good luck! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

are you sure about this?

I checked last week and now and it state 2.4x media sale not 8x. last week the add online said 1x media. I will definetely take a look today as I would not mine have a few of those around.

Are you saying I can put in 4 rebate forms, 4 UPCs, and the receipt showing all 4 cakes?

Are you f ing blind