8x Sony DVD-R at Best Buy

My local BB had some Sony 50 disc 8x spindles of -R media, and I was quite tempted to get one as they are made in Japan! However they are currently $49.99 so I figure I’ll wait for them to go on sale for $29.99 like just about all the other 50 disc DVD spindles have. I tried to look for the serial number on the top disc to determine if perhaps they were Taiyo Yuden, but that little white plastic ring the put in there to keep the discs in place was in the way. What I could make out I could make no determination from. However they were in a normal cakebox, so probably not TY. Perhaps MIJ SONY08D1?

Or perhaps… MCC 02RG20… :wink:

There is no made in Japan MCC media I’m afraid. Singapore, Taiwan and India is all there is (there was some made in Ireland for a while).

bag best buy… goto compusa. sony dvd-r or dvd+r $9.99 for 25 pack no rebates. and all the 25 packs at my compusa r 8x media. nice deal.

Hmm, sweet. I’m going to have to get over to a CompUSA sometime before next Sunday.

I was at CompUSA today and bought two 25 pack spindles of Sony DVD+ for 10.00.
Bought 1 4X and 1 8X.
Only had 3 on shelf of the DVD+, 2 4X’s and 1 8X.
They had plenty of the DVD- also at 10.00. The DVD- are made in Japan, I suspect Taiyo Yuden.

The 4x are RichoJPNR01, and the 8x’s are Sony D11, both made in Taiwan.

I got a 25 pack of both +R’s and -R’s at CompUSA in Seattle. They had lots of each.
The -R’s ID is Sony 08D1
The +R’s id is Sony D11
Both are 8X. I’ll do a burn later.

Were the DVD- you bought indicate they were made in Japan?

Both the +R and -R said “made in Taiwan” on the package label. The DVD itself said nothing about country of origin. The inner transparent ring had “Sony Corporation” stamped in black lettering. The overall quality of the DVD’s is very good. They are some of the best looking DVD’s I have seen. I did get a chance to burn some; unfortunately the images of the Kprobe and Plextool PI/PO results are on another partition of my computer right now. I burned 1 of each on a Plextor 716 and on a Liteon 812. The Plextor burned both +R and -R with very good results; PI’s in the below 10 range. The Liteon burned the +R with sub 10 PI’s, but burned the -R with PI’s up in the 50’s. These are very good media, expecially for $0.40 apiece. I’m going to get some more today.

If you go to get some more today weed through the DVD- and see if you can find any made in Japan, you may get lucky and end up with some TY’s.

Funny isn’t it, my CompUsa store only had made in Japan for the DVD-.

my SONY 8x DVD-R looked like this!

i think Benq 8x dvd-r also got this media id similarly.

i attempted 16x burn on this media on my MSI DR16-B ( Benq1620 oem) and results not bad. will kprobe soon. :iagree:

Bah. raygay, do you live in Japan or some other Asian country? You keep busting out all this media for the Japanese market! I assume you can get your hands on some MIJ TTG02 and TDK001 (super hard coat)…

i m from singapore. we are a desert of media also.
my friend is in jpn.so i ask her bring me some when she is on business trip.

ok. i wouldnt say the kprobe is superb, but to me it is a big surprise as all along i thot SONY08D1 burns only max 12x on benq/oem drives.

as many ppl would think Benq drives do not burn DVD-R well ( including myself), u judge yourself :bigsmile:

to my BIG surprise, my 1st attempt of burning this media at 16x on TDK1616 2.C8 ( NEC2500) failed :a

not even reaching 1% of burning the Nero just quit :eek:

Try using Nero CD-DVD Speed to do a write transfer test…

I bought some of the Sony +R D11 on Sunday at CompUSA. I went back today and they only had one 25 pack of +R left. I looked at the 50 pack and they were labled Made in Japan. I asked the store manager if I could get two of the 50 packs for the price of 4 of the 25 packs. He checked to make sure that there were none in backstock, and said sure I’ll do that. 100 T02’s for $40USD. I felt like a bandit.

my SONY 8x dvd+r got 2 types also. one is SONYD11, the other is
YUDENT02. but the look of the media totally different.

this is YUDENT02

this is SONYD11

a successful burn at 16x on SONY08D1 on TDK1616DLN (2.C8)

This is what I got from SONY08D1 in DVR-108 1.14.