8X Silver Thermal TY TYG02 for $41 + Shipping

Supermediastore.com has a spindle of 100 TY for $41, there is also a $7 rebate to bring the price down to $34 if you want to deal with the rebate hassel. Ground Shipping should be around $5, plus tax for California residents

Is there a difference between the branded and unbranded TYG-02. I can Fujis and TDKs media code TYG-02 for 19.99 for 50, but they agian are branded. I am assuming the Supermediastore TYG-02 aRE UNBRANDED.

unbranded, and there is also a rebate with it, CC has TDK for $7.96 per 25, but I digged thru the pile and all made in taiwan. You can try Circuit City in your area, you might have better luck.
I think the branded and unbranded in term of quality, I guess they are pretty much the same.

My preferrance is for unbranded. There have been a few post here from people who had trouble with Fuji and Sony TY media and there is a rumor it is not the A+ stuff. Nothing concrete but enough trouble for me to avoid paying more for less.

The shipping to TX would be 9.27 for the 100pk, so it would be 50.27 - 7 = 43.27, or the same if I went to Best Buy and got Fuji TY MIJ 50 pks.

Well, my burns have been great with the Fuji TY from BB, Chas, but you know what I do? I ask them to let me have a space to open the package and take each blank out and look at them before I leave. I’m just honest and tell them I live 53 miles away, so I need to know if there’s at least no visible defects on the dye. I might get a few looks, but I don’t care: it’s my $$$ and if I want to look at all 50 before I leave, that’s what I paid for or I can exchange it on the spot. :stuck_out_tongue: LOL Honestly, though, if the Verbatim +R deal comes through or if there was a really good deal on TY (and I’m low on DVD blanks), I’d snatch some discounted TY unbranded or Verbatim from online.

The one here in Temple, TX was all TDK in Taiwan, so unless they wanted to give it to me free, I wasn’t buying it. :rolleyes: I’ve never tried the one in Waco, but it’s not much bigger than the one in Temple, and so I don’t think it necessarily has a larger stock.

are these printable?

they do not appear to be, no. They don’t list it in the title or description. However, I’m sure a sharpie would work fine to write on the top. :wink: