8x RiDisc not rec. by BTC DVD Writer

My BTC DVD R/RW (IDE 1004) cannot seem to recognise 8x RiDisc DVD-R media. Is this because the writer is only 4x or is it another reason. I would appreciate any thoughts. Thank you

have you updated your firmware? read how here

also why didnt you just “bump” your previous thread instead of starting a new one?

I had the same problem with my Sony DRU-510A (it is also a 4X drive) updated the firmware and it made no difference. I’ve used hundreds of DVD-R RIDATA DRD-474-RDCB50 4X disc’s without a single coaster.

Fortunately I was able to sell off the stack of 100 8X disc’s I had bought.

I am new to everything, how to I “bump”? :slight_smile: I have updated the firmware but made no difference. Anything else I can try? Cheers

That drive is not known for being compatible with LOTS of different media.It’s not on the A list of dvd drives.Get a better drive,you’ll be happy you did.

simple just post “bump” in your thread to bump it up the list, then more people will see it giving you more chance of getting an answer.

and as for more suggestions i think Nosmartz gave the best one, buying a new drive will solve your probs. finding 4X rated media is getting harder to find all the time.