8X-R MIJ SONY08D1 and 8X+R MIJ SONY D11 Any definite answers who manufactures?

Has anyone ever got a definite answer on this. I know Sony and Taiyo Yuden have a joint venture in Start Lab, but I can’t find anything thats says TY manufactures the discs for Sony.

No one knows for sure, so we’ll have to assume Sony manufactures the discs itself, until proven otherwise.

I tend to believe that it is a Sony media facility in Japan that is manufacturing the discs and not Taiyo Yuden.

  1. Sony also has Made In Japan DVD+RW discs. Taiyo Yuden does not produce +RW discs to my knowledge.
  2. I don’t think that Taiyo Yuden manufactures discs with non-TY MID’s. At least there is no definitive evidence that says they do.