8x Princo way too fast

Today I copied some PhotoCDs and used some old Princos I found and halfway through I look at the CD case and see it says 8x I was burning at 12 so I thought SHIT coaster. But it turned out that it worked. To the first question: Isn’t the burner or software supposed to limit max speed to the media max speed? I looked in the burn dialog in Nero and it let me choose 32x on 8x media Weird. I wonder because another time I burnt some files on a cd rw that only supports 4x (the disc) and 4x was the highest Nero let me choose. Second question: is this something related to the discs?

Some burners, like the NEC 7900A, limit the speed to the ATIP information. Other burners will burn as fast as the media allows. In your case it saw the PRINCO media as being able to burn at a faster speed.

Originally posted by Donald_Duck
I looked in the burn dialog in Nero and it let me choose 32x on 8x media Weird.
The same issue regarding the 8x Traxdata posted by me on 09-02-2003 11:25

There are 2 possible reasons that I can think of for this. First, that the media is not part of the drive’s database, so it defaults to a generic profile. Second, the drive’s makers feel that 32x is “safe” for that media. In the case of SmartBurn, the max speed and the media’s rated speed are often different, and in many cases they are both also too fast for error-free burning.

Thanks for the replies guys. Maybe this happends due to the firmware cause i flashed the drive to the latest version (1.50D) and I haven’t tested it until now maybe the update broke something?

High quality CD-R’s can burn well above their rated speed. Smart burn lets me burn at 40x on 8x Kodak, since the media rocks. Other media only has a marginal increase. My 24x Lead Data (utter crap) will burn up to 32x with Smart Burn, but errors crop up.

CD-RW’s are different. The speeds are very important because the phase change dye is more sensitive than the dyes used on CD-R’s. Unlike CD-R’s, the ATIP on a RW specifies what speeds can be used on the media, and won’t allow burning faster or slower.

Too bad I don’t have this SmartBurn thingy on my burner then, it sounds sweet. What I understand from what I read here is that the burner has a database of cd-r’s and their max speeds. And theoretically that would mean that if one could hack the firmware one could make it possible to burn all discs at highest speed not that it would be any good though.

You can turn the SB speed limitation off in Nero, but you’re correct that it is rarely a good idea. SB usually over-rates the media. All current drives have a similar technology, in Nero, the option to turn it off is in the drive properties in “choose recorder”.