8x or 16x



Would better reliability be achieved burning 16x dvd media at 12x or 8x media at 12x (if this is even possible)
Using Pioneer DVR-115 and 112

I currently use Taiyo Yuden 16x and burn at 12x. I’m cautious about burning at 16x or 20x due to possible reliability issues, but I’d rather not switch to 8x media because then I have no choice but to burn slower.

I have no playback problems on my own equipment when burning at full max speed, but I am concerned about maximum compatibility for others.

So far 16x Taiyo’s at 12x have been awesome… only two coasters in 500 (5 - 100 packs!!!)

Thanks for any input


I assume that with “reliability” you mean the duration in time of a burned disc :slight_smile:

Media reliability is determined first of all by the media quality itself. A bad quality disc will give bad results whatever is the burning speed.

Because of there are variations among production batches, it is impossible to answer your question. Some excellent batches of 8x media can give excellent results even if burned at 18x (not so frequent, but possible).

As a thumb rule, however, very often 16x certified discs give best results when burned at 12x or 8x. There is a general agreement that when a disc contain a lot of errors after the burning, this disc will have a higher probability to become unreadable after some time. So, if you find a proper speed to obtain as less errors as possible on a disc, this is the most probable way to obtain a reliable burn.

In my personal experience (i.e. with the batches I was able to get from stores), TY 16x certified discs give the best results when burned at 12x, or also at 8x (results are basically equivalent in my personal experience, so I prefer to burn at 12x because less time is needed).

I hope I answered your question, sorry if I misunderstood it :slight_smile: