8x or 16x media for premium quality?

Well, I have just purchased a new PX-716A, now I need media to feed it.
It seems DVD+R (DVD-ROM Booktype) is the best bet for quality. Right ?
If so, Verbatim 16x MCC 004, Verbatim 8x MCC003, or TY 8x? Since 8x and 16x are different Dye wich one will offer best reliability ? (Speed is not an issue).

Hmm, I know that the Plextor seems to have a few issues with TY (unless you have the latest firmware update). I might go with the MCC 003 in this case.

For the best results use TY 8x @8x!

That’s quite odd, since Plextor’s own media uses the TY dye.

Actually not at all odd.

i’ve never heard of plextors having any issues with TY media…in fact, it’s the best media to use with the 716 in my, and many others’, experiences…go with YUDEN000 T02…

8x media is a lot more mature than the 16x, so yeah, when going for pure Q use 8x and on the +R side YUDEN000 T02 is king IMHO. 16x media should catch up with it soon though, only question is who’ll get there first :wink:

an example of the quality of burns i typically get with one of my 716s and YUDEN000 T02 (Sony 8x DVD+R)…

details in the comments section of grab…

Thanks a lot guys,
I appreciate your help.
So if I’ve understood TY +R 8x burned at 8x speed is the way to go. Right?
Ah! my PX-716A came with 0.9 firmware.

Right. You can also use 12x speed with this media and gettin good results.

T02@12x burn quality with the 716A very much depends on the individual drive. 8x is a much safer bet.

depends on the drive AND the batch of media you get…you can perform FE/TE tests to help decide whether to burn @ 12x…but as Two Degrees already stated, 8x is the safer bet… :iagree:

My 716UF won’t put out a good 8x@12x burn no matter the MID or FE-TE results :frowning:

that’s usb for you

USB isn’t the problem. The chipsets used in the Plextor enclosure can reach 16x no problems on both desktop computers, using USB 2.0 or Firewire. The issue is the drive itself.

that’s too bad…what are your stipulations for a “good” burn cause i know you like PIE under 20 but, IMHO, that’s a little too strict…

Not going above 280 PIE would be nice (I am not kidding either)…

Well i have burned hundreds of disks with this drive. Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 8X @ 8X Inkjet printable seems to work better then Silver thermal. I dont know why.

Take a look at my scans.


After reading your posts in the last month and a half, you seem to have had a few issues, I’ll stick with internal drives and be happy with my 5:19/97


now that’s what i call reaching 16x speed, not almost with firewire