8x Memorex DVD-R



Why is my 8x Memorex DVD-R burning at 4x?
But when I use cheap ones, like DVD-R’s from Staples (8x brand) they burn at 8x?

I don’t get it.


Can you share some information, like your drive model, and the media code?
The answer to your question is that your drive doesn’t support the given media at 8x, only 4x. Suggest updating your drive firmware.


How do you update your firmware, sorry I’m new to this.


Read these FAQ.


I have the same problems with these Memorex 8x DVD-Rs (will burn at 4x but not at 8x). The media code is: CMC MAG. AE1. The drive is a LG GSA-4120B with firmware A111. Is this media just junk or could there be some other problem? I haven’t tried any other 8x media yet, I’m still trying to use up a bunch of 4x stuff I have. These Memorex discs were only $10 for 25 at Office Depot so I thought I’d give them a try. Is anyone successfully using these at 8x? Thanks.


That’s not cheap. Best Buy usually unload made in Japan Fuji/Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 8X for $20 (50 pack).


if firmware is updated, then they are probably junk

i have had a few spindles of memorex in the past that would not burn up the the stated speed or would not lead in and start burning at all

i would avoid memorex in the future


Yeah, Memorex isn’t known for using the best quality manufacturers.