8x media wont play smoothly on standalone



hey there, trying 8x Samsung DVD+R media burnt with a Plextor PX-708A on a standalone Pioneer DV-370. problem is, around the last third of the movie, it starts to freeze then play again. I wonder if its the burner, media or the player. any input? btw, the media/movie plays fine when burned at 4x.
stupid nero won’t let me select 4x for the samsung media though. only 8x.

any input appreciated. cheers


hmm… what software are you using to burn?, although it is almost certainly the media.

  • ben :slight_smile:


nero. trying another one now. I would suspect the media too, but it’s one of the best (at least the magazines say so). does this mean it should work when burned 8x?


verbitrim or tdk are by far the best for me :slight_smile:


I don’t know about you,but when I do my burns I like to give highest precedence to the Nero burning engine.if your using Windows 2000,open "Task Manager"then select “processes”,then search through the running processes until you see nero.exe.Right click it then it lets you set the priority to HIGH - MED - LOW.Also you may want to make sure you have the “ultrabuffer” setting in nero set to use the maximum amount of memory to avoid buffer underruns.And burning the compilation to an image first is always a good way to avoid underruns 2