8X media..only burning at 6X

I just got my NEC 3520A burner.
I updated the firmware to the 3.04 version (using NecWinFlash.exe dumped my 1.04 and upped to 3.04)

I currently have 2 types of media:
Maxell 8x dvd-r
Taiyo Yuden 8x dvd-r

Now, I burned a couple of them and they burn fine.
The only problem I see is it only burns at 6x.

How can I make it so it’ll burn at 8x?
Like I said, I already flashed it with the 3.04 firmware.



Make sure that DMA is turned on for the 3520-


if you cold…or if someone could…
How do I turn DMA on ?
or…how do I check to see if DMA is turned on?


Are you talking about an average speed of 6x or a peak write speed of 6x? The NEC 3520A’s 8x speed is actually a peak 8x speed. It starts at 4x speed for the first 1/4 of the disk, then moves to 6x speed for the next 1/4, and reaches 8x speed only for the last 1/2 of the disc - averaging a bit over 6x. At the 8x speed setting, I get burn times of a full DVD+R SL disc of about 10minutes which is normal due to the variable speed used - how does that compare with yours? Similarly 12x and 16x speeds are only the peak write speed on that last part of the disc. Also if you don’t burn a full disk, say only 1/2 or less of the 4.37GB capacity, you would never exceed 6x speed with the 8x setting. If you burn using Nero’s CD-DVD speed utility you can get a write speed graph and see the speed steps used for the write speed chosen.


Very good points-



Look here:


Hm. How do you use the Nero cd-dvd speed utitlity.
I’ll have to play with that and look for it.

As for the peak/max…
I haven’t been paying attention to that.
All I know is, my media is 8X on the label.
When I instered the media, my options are from 1x to 6x.
I can’t pick anything higher than 6x.

Thanks. I just looked there…and I do have
“DMA If Available”
Selected for both channels…

So I would like to say that DMA is on…

Um…all I can say now is WOW…
I just burnt another dvdr…it was labeld 8X.
This time, I used NERO and it burned at 16X!
My previous couple of burns, I had been using BurnatOnce
and dvd decryptor

I guess the programs does matter.

I just tested the dvd…
it keeps freezing and then play, and then freeze and play and then play.

Does this happen to anyone else?

You probably burned it at too fast at 16x, Nero allows it but that doesn’t mean all media will burn at that high speed successfully. Try 8x if thats what its rated at, 12x might work too, but 16x is only for the best of the best like Verbatim 16x rated media.

i have read so many complaints of bad burns of TY media on nec drives when burning at high speed of 16x. same for ricoh. this is a fatality of nec drives. if u can , burn at lower speed u sure can get better/good results. else, if u got other burners, throw these TY media to them. i m sure by doing this it will save u much $$$ and troubles.

overspeeding 8X certified media to 16X and expecting stellar results is unreasonable IMHO.


I agree 100%


but if u see the the topic, it is that 8x cant burn at 8x but 6x.
the thread starter is not ambitious in hitting 16x afterall :bigsmile:

take a look at posts #9 & 10…my comment isn’t all too off-topic at all.

Guys, yes, at first I couldn’t burn at 8X but only at 6X.
Now, using Nero, it allows 8X, but I haven’t tried it.
I went ahead and burnt it at 16X.
The dvd freezes for like 5-6 secs, and then plays.
It does that like 3 times in the first 10 mins and then plays fine the rest of the way.
I’ll try it at 8X as it is supposed to be.

But I guess Nero allows the media to be burned at 16X while burnatonce only allows it at 6x.

It just means that the drive dosnt do that media at 8x. Nothing wrong with that. Just because a company make a disc that CAN be burned at 8x, doesnt mean every drive maker with snap to attention right away and make the drives compatible at that speed with those discs. Theres nothing wrong with that happening. If you could pick anywhere from 2x to 16x for example with whatever progrma youre burning with and the drive wont go past 4-6x then there could be a bottleneck or drives issue, but just becuase the box that the disc come in say 8x doesnt mean its written in stone for all drives to comply with this.

Theres no way that if your drive cant handle the disc at 8x with one program that another will magically burn it at 8x or (lol) 16x. The programs dont decided what can be done between the discs and drive. I think youre confused.
Unless youre being totally unclear, then Im confused.

Nero defaults to the highest write speed allowed by the firmware, but not all 8x rated media will work well at that speed it varies from disc to disc. If you want to ensure quality burns use the rated speed of the disc, any higher does not guarantee good results. With Nero you have to manually select the burn speed each time since it will default to possibly a too high speed.