8X Media in a 2.4X-4X Burner?



Lots of confusion from a newbie so be kind :slight_smile:

Does a DVD burner’s “media code table” encoded in its firmware determine whether or not it can successfully format/write to a DVD?

Reference: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=960679&postcount=8

I ask this question because I purchased some Maxell DVD+R 8X “high grade video” (made in Japan) disks for my rebadged LiteOn 5001 recorder (=411S drive). This is my first purchase of 8X speed rated media. What concerned me is that on the Maxell box there is a warning that states “Use of this disk with some ‘2.4X-4X’ write speed DVD+R drives without upgrading its latest firmware may cause serious damage to the disc AND/OR the drive.” WHOA! I was under the assumption that using higher speed rated media than what the burner could actually write was a very good thing to use. Now it seems it may be dangerous to my wallet.

Is it the Media Code Table in the firmware that determines if the disk could potentially be hazardous? If the media code isn’t listed in the burner’s Media Codes Table what happens? I would expect the disk would simply be ejected.

Thoughts, conjecture, speculation and facts all welcome.



You should install the latest firmware for the unit from LiteOn site here:


Then you should be good to go with the 8x media with no worries mate-



Well, yes Mike. I understood that from the Maxell warning. I am hoping to obtain an in depth explaination. But, thanks for your reply.

I was hoping to learn the technical specifics as to why the media and/or drive can be damaged. What changes in the firmware is neccessary to safely use faster media? Generally, I guess I want to know the details of how these home burners actually recognize different types of media.

How do I know if the latest firmware, which may not be so up to date in the future, does indeed support certain media? I suppose an email to LiteOn tech support may be an option. Unfortunately, I don’t have the capability to read or update this home recorder’s firmware.