8x Media for 708a at CompuSA or BestBuy?

Hi everyone.

Does anyone know of a brand of media that I can purchase at Best Buy or CompUSA that will burn at 8x on my 708a?


First and foremost…TDK DVD+R 4X will burn at 8X on the PX-708a. Verbatim Data Life Plus also burns at 8X. Others have had hit or miss issues with Memorex. See if there is Fujifilm DVD+R 4X…otherwise…just get the TDK and things will be fine.


IMATION DVD+R 4X SPEED discs are RICOH, they burn @ 8x on Plextor 708A.:slight_smile:

Not all MEMOREX DVD+R are good. If you’re lucky you’ll purchase the ones that aren’t made by CMC.

I burn at 8X with 4X Memorex DVD+R’s and have no problems at all.

You can get a 50 Pack of them for only $49.99 at Best Buy this week! There is a $50 instant rebate, they are normally $99.

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If you are lucky, you may still get 100 of the Imation 4X DVD+R’s for about $75 that are id’d as RICOHJPNR01s. Check out this bargain thread for more info.

i picked up tdk dvd+r 4x from bestbuy on sale 100 spindle for $120. they burn at 8x, ive chewed through about half the spindle, all at 8x… no coasters! i highly recommend these


I agree regarding TDK. 8x with no coasters (once I figured out the nforce problem anyway). They had them last week at Staples for $15 per 10 pack with jewel cases. Not sure if the sale is still on.

this sunday staples is selling TDK DVD+R or DVD-R media 25 Pack $24.94

I decided to vape a blank and see what the TDKs really do. The manufacturer is RICOHJPNR01

Here is the DVD Speed screen shot:

I use Platinum DVD+R 4x @ 8x without any Problems.