8x media != 8x?



all i have to say is wtf…
I got this nec 3420 drive 2 days ago and it seemed to be working ok for a while.
I soon learned that it couldnt read any of my cdrs and wrote the new nec
firmware to the drive. This fixed the problem. Now this next part im not sure
about… I got some legacy 8x media from newegg with my drive. I can burn
dvd’s ok, but when I go to burn a data dvd at 8x/4x im getting all kinds of hell
from crc errors near the 2.4 gig mark. I went ahead and ran the nero cd test

Any ideas???
(sorry about the massive images)


crap media …


Never heard of GSC003 …

Try burning at 4x, I have some lower grade CMCMAG/E01 that’ll only look CLOSE to good at 4x, even though it’s rated at 8x… If I burn it at 8x right around the time it hits 6x it starts looking like your scan.


Thanks for the info… I guess its 4x burn until i get some decent media.


Try burning it in the fireplace…thats the only way that media is going to look good.
No seriously, meff is right.
The only thing you can do is burn that media at the slowest speed the drive supports for that MID.
If that doesn’t work then take my first suggestion. :Z


GSC003 is Gigastorage DVD-R media. I have only GSC001 and GSC002 that I got as samples from distributors of Gigastorage DVD-R media in 2002 and 2003. The latest is probably GSC005. GSC003 is one of the cheapest 8x DVD-R media (well, maybe except Infodisc and Princo 8x DVD-R.) GSC003 could be as good as RITEKGR05 (and RITEKG05 is also one of the cheapest 8x DVD-R.) GSC media are generally of more consistent and better quality than Princo media of the same grade.

The biggest problem with those Gigastorage media is that they are extremely inconsistent even among those with same MID (001, 002, 003…) And beware that there are distrubutors of them announcing loudly they are as good as Taiyo Yuden and Mitsubishi made in Japan. :bigsmile:



What a way to name a file.

Describe your burner + speed + firmware + media in the file name and use at least under 800600 resolution. (Yours is 12801000.)


Sorry about the image size… didnt realize there was a rule about that. As for the information, i dont see how you want me to put all that in a file name and have it make sense.

“NECND3420AW8X3.04FWLEGACY(GSC003).jpg” doesnt exactly fly with me


That’s not easy to understand. Maybe ND3420_xxx_GSC003_8x.jpg would be enough. (xxx for firmware version.) It helps often to identify the situations a media were burnt and tested looking at the picture alone.

There’s no real rule about image size, but just that for CD Speed and KProbe scans, even 800600 is too large. For HD screen shots, 19201080 is more than optimum. :bigsmile:


GSC003 can be decent quality when burned at 4x. My friend has burned some on his NEC 2510a, turns out well at 4x. Ok burns at 8x too, but anything can happen after the ~4GB area.

Another mate has also had good results with gsc003 burning it on his Lite-on 451s and 451@832 believe it or not!

I’m not sure how well the new NEC’s are supposed to burn gsc003.


Use Create Data Disc to fill nearly full area of 4.7GB. To say anything can happen after 4GB area is actually harsher than to say just “crap.”


No rule if you link the files here, but consider users with dialups. :stuck_out_tongue:

The best way to save the scans is by clicking the disk icon on the top right of Nero CDSpeed, save as PNG. And you don’t need to max the Nero screen.


Hey all,
I was glad to find your dialogue on these fine GSC003’s!! :stuck_out_tongue: LOL I suspected these weren’t exactly super media…I just got these Legacy’s with my new Lite-On 1693, from New Egg also, just like Bob…and saw Media Code on DVDInfoPro and wondered…

Anyways, thanks to Kenshin for his acumen and wisdom…I wonder how he manages to be such a master, post so many posts and still have time to be a daddy to that cute li’l guy on his lap!! :clap: As I’m expecting my own li’l guy soon, I am encouraged one can be a CD freak and still be a daddy!

Anyways, I saved jpg of the Mediacode, but can’t figure out how to paste it on my post, like yu all paste scans etc…if anyone can help me, I’ll post this most unusual mediacode for this fine GSC003 media…