8x how?

i have bye empty dvd 8xspeed datasafe is the name they told me that is rittec i have a plextor a nec and btc dvd writer but i can not write in 8x speed only in 4 help me please and sorry for my bad english


how fast can your dvd burner write. if your dvd burner is 4x and your dvds 8x then yu can only write at 4x, just like if your burner was 8x and the dvds 4x you could still only write at 4x, the only way to write at 8x is to have 8x disks and a 8x recorder

If your NEC is a 2500 or later you can burn 8x on plenty of 4x disc’s. Not all 8x media is supported by the writers firmware,maybe time to upgrade firmware.

yes i suppose you can in a way “overclock” your media, i have written 24x cd-rs at 40x ok, but dvds are pretty unstable when writing anyway, and are vunerable to crc errors wich is ok when watching a film as it will just have a little glitch but when storing data it simply wont access it, it isnt really a good idea to burn 8x on 4x disks as they can damage your media or even your burner, but then again i only have a 4x burner, takes about 10 mins to write a dvd, so unless you are openerating a major movie piracy ring (which you shudnt :cop: ) why do people need to write a dvd full of errors at 16x every 2 minuets?, i am happy with my error free 4x dvd-r’s :slight_smile:

Its the quest for speed :slight_smile: I do a lot so the faster the better for me.There is a lack of quality 8x media about and good quality 4x media will burn better @8x than most 8x media :smiley: .Ive never heard of it damaging the drive?
So far 300 Richo JPNRO1 4x burnt @8x only 3 coasters.
What writer are you using as a full disc @4x should take 14.30-15 mins.

well i suppose, i have read somewhere that using unsuitable media can damage your drive, but it mite hav been tham just getting me to buy more expensive media. i am unsure why my dvd only take about 10 mins when full, maybe nero is actually burning faster (maybe 5x) or something, often nero maskes its actual write speed, anyway, the time for me is encodeing the video (takes hhhhooooouuuuurrrrssss), burning it is not a problem.

Have you tried AnyDVD and compressing on the fly.It will save you a lot of time,cuts out the ripping to hard drive.

yeh, i use anydvd, but i mean converting avi files to dvd vobs that takes ages, compresssing vobs only takes about 20mins :wink: