8x Hack firmware woes

Got my drive yesterday, and did a couple of test burns in RNM 4.5, which went without a hitch. I then flashed the drive and did an on the fly copy at 8x, which gave me an error in the finalising stage.

I then did an Hard drive image at 4x, on a Ritek G04. This failed at 70%.

I then fired up Nero that didnt give any errors, and even copied at 8x on the fly. However the timer was wrong, stating 15 mins, and then ejecting the disc at 5 mins remaining, the burn was finished and finalised, just nero couldnt get the timer correct.

How can I correct these issues.

are you certain its because of the hacked firmware? did you have these issues before you flashed the firmware? Also, you might could try flashing to the official 1.10 and see if you still have problems.

Have you flashed cracked firmware on system that has ANY DMA utility?!? Or Intel Application Accelerator?
That might be a problem…

I dont have any DMA utils or Intel Acc. It was working fine with the orignal firmware. Are you suggesting Flasing to official 1.10, if so how do I get my hacked firmware to run after this, as you cant downgrade?

Not sure if this will help but have look at this.


well this is very interesting post, thank God i didn’t flash my 107D with this patched firmware :slight_smile:

@NeMiNaToR” yes, get back to the original v1.10 firmware, downgrade is possible, you just have to flash with DVRFLASH, not with official utility.

Good luck :wink:

Have been reading the thread and I have done the same NeMiNaToR by flashing with the Hacked firmware :frowning:

has anyone successfully flashed their pioneer drive (107D) back with the original pioneer 1.10 firmware?


I’ve used DVRFlash to flash the drive from official to patched, patched to official, and official to patched… And everything seems ok to me.