"8x fix" for 812 and -R discs?

I moded my *.bin for my 812 (and my 811) so that
RICOHJPNR01 and LONGTEN002 (both “4x +R’s”)
will burn at 8X. I did this by following a previous
post here that suggested finding the entry in the
*.bin file (where each letter is seperated by a
hex 00 byte), and changing ONE BYTE at a distance
of 24 bytes from the beginning from x’06’ to x’1E’.

This technique worked for both the 811 and the 812,
so that both of these +R types burn at 8X, and with
fewer “fails” by NERO at that. I have been very happy
with this HEX mod to the *.bin file. My firmware
level is US01 for my 812. However, I also purchased
a set of -R’s from shop4tech a couple of months ago
which came up burning at 8X without having to make
any mods. The internal label on these -R’s was

Now I reordered another -R batch from shop4tech but
this batch has a different internal label and only burns
at 4x. The label is Yi Jhan 001, and I can find both
entries in the *.bin file, but (and this is my problem),
the format of the entries for these -R discs is different
from the format for the +R types. The label is NOT
seperated by hex 00’s, and there is no x’1e’ nor x’06’
code at the 24 bytes offset or anywhere in the vicinity
that I can tell by looking at a hex dump of the area.

Does anyone know how to hex mod the *.bin file
so that an existing -R entry can be changed from 4x
to 8x? I compared the entry for the TYG02’s (which
burn at 8X) with the entry for the Yi Jhan 001’ (which
only burn at 4X), but, I cannot see anything in the
bytes following the label that seem likely candidates
to indicate the speed.

Please help - surely someone has hacked these kinds
of entries and can show how- no? Burning at 4X is a real
bumer after getting used to the 8X speed.


Throw out your hex editor :p. Use the OmniPatcher to do it for you :). See my signature…

I have a norcent drive that shows up ldw811s. I bought some 8x - discs that would only burn at 1x. I went to norcent site and upgraded the firmware through windows. It flashed successfully. Now my 8x -r discs only shows 2x. So I tried my 4x + discs and it now allows me to burn them at 8x.
I tried Memorex, TDK, Verbatim which were labeled 4x discs and each burned at 8x. I also tried my memorex 4x dvdrw+ and they also burned at 8x 11,000kbs. 2.4x media still burns at 2.4. 4xdvd-r also only burns at 4x.I don’t know if I was just lucky or what. Do they even have an 8x dvdrw drive yet? I noticed that doing a backup my drive used to read at about 2000-2500kb/s now it goes all the way up to 7500kb/s. A complete backup now takes less than 20min to decode and burn. Here’s the link to the firmware http://www.norcent.net/norcent/support/optical/firmware.htm
choose 8xdvdrw. Hopefully it will work for who ever has the 811s.

Hot Tamales! COdeKing, this Omnipatcher thing is REALLY SLICK.
I applied it and burned 2 movies at 8X and then played them (the ending) with PowerDVD and it looks good. This is awesome.
Question: I only asked to change that ONE type to 6x, 8x - I did
not update any “tweeks”. Should I? The thing is - this 812s has
been working splendidly so far - do I really need to tweek the “strategies”? Also, I was CURIOUS so I compared the hex from before and after - man! I don’t get it at all. What kind of geniuses figured this out? Littleberry

I thought you’d be pleased. A very clever person, ala42, originally figured out the speed changing method.

If it’s working ok with the standard strategies then I’d leave it alone. If you ever find yourself with some media that doesn’t burn well, then you can have a play. :slight_smile:

They seems to have really weird numbers… 8xDVDRW I hope does not mean 8X RW mode :slight_smile: Havent seen a drive yet… Its not the company that matters but they media they are packaging… My TDK’s ended up as ricohJP01 which should work @ 8 but it dont do a good job even at 6. At 4 it is just okay. Verbatim depends on what goes after it, I think they have like 20 different types. The navtech’s I got said 4x on the cover but 8X on the disk ring in very small print but I saw some scans on the net where they used an 811 at 8x and got very good results with them. Heck if I know. But then again I cant even get -R @ 4x either :slight_smile: But I have 2 days to redo my system… starting with a barebones to see if things improve…