8x faster than 12x?



I tried some TY02 and Prodisc01 at 8x and 12x and it seems that burning at 8x is about 40-80 seconds faster than burning at 12x. Why’s this ?


Hard to say this is not normal… 8x takes ~8:40 and 12x ~6:30. Usual questions are… have you got DMA enabled and are you using MS IDE driver. =)


Yes DMA’s enabled and MS IDE drivers. I reckon it’s the Master/Slave thing. I’ve got 2 DVDRWs and 2 HDD. Which should be Master/Slave ?


Anyone ? Please help me, do you put the dvd writers to be slave and the 2 hdd to be masters ??? Thanks.


You have to put the source and target drive on different ide busses. Master and slave do not really matter usually. Some drives do not like each other on the same bus, changing master and slave in just a case might help.



  • Primary IDE master: Burner1
  • Primary IDE slave: Burner2
  • Secondary IDE master: HDD1
  • Secondary IDE slave: HDD2


  • Primary IDE master: HDD1
  • Primary IDE slave: HDD2
  • Secondary IDE master: Burner1
  • Secondary IDE slave: Burner2

do not mix an optical drive (dvd burner) with a HDD in the same IDE channel.


Is the second dvd you burnt larger then the first. If so, the drive may have limited write speed to 8x and written normally. I get that often when burning TYG02 disks.


Maybe they can’t burn at 12x and the speed drops to less than 8x for a while, making the overall time longer. When I burn my value line TYG02 ( sold as 4x) at 8X, they will drop to less than 3x after ~1.5GB.