8X DVD writers

When are the 8X DVD writers expected out in mass?

Should I bite the bullet and just get a 4x now? I like the LG.

Is it true that media compatibilty is dependant on the firmware?

Well Serpeant, Plextor’s 8x DVD recorder, the 708A has been out for a couple of weeks now. So if you want to write at 8X (DVD+R only btw), you should get that writer.
A nice aspect of the Plextor is that it can write at 8x on 4x discs.
If you want to know more about the drive, be sure to read our review on this drive.

It is true that the media compatibility is due to the used firmware. In a DVD writer’s firmware, there is a mediadatabase, telling the writer what writestrategy (speed etc) should be used to write the disc. Some writers don’t accept discs that are unknown to them.
A good example is the Nec1300a DVD writer. With the standard firmware, quite some (cheaper) discs aren’t supported. Luckily enough, unofficial firmwares solved this problem.
The Plextor 708A is a little picky about media as well…

With the LG drive, I haven’t had any personal experiences, but I remember reading a post by our admin OC-Freak some time ago about this drive. I found the thread, just click here!