8x DVD+RW on a 3520?



I just replaced a ND-3500AG with a new ND-3520AW. One of the reasons I got the 3520 was for 8x DVD+RW. However using RICOHJPNW11, OPTODISCOP4, or RITEK004 I am only able to write at 4x max. DVD Identifier v3.6.3.1 returns 4x (max) write descriptors for each of those media.

I’ve tried firmware versions 1.04, 1.UF, and 3.04.

Am I missing something?


You need 8x capable DVD+RW media in order to burn at 8x - you CANNOT overspeed 4x DVD+RW media with the NEC-3520 or any other drive!

Such media are currently somewhere between difficult and impossible to find.


Thanks for the quick reply. That’s exactly what I wanted to know.

When I couldn’t find any 8x +RW media I got concerned. I thought something might be wrong and my RMA window is closing.


The only 8x rated DVD+RW media I’ve seen is one online dealer with Maxell media. Its very hard to find right now. By the way 4x media burns at a constant 4x speed, but the new 8x media uses a variable speed so it will actually only average out to about 6x speed - not a huge improvement considering the higher price of the media.


VeryBadBoy: Err… actually 8x DVD+RW burns in ZCLV 6x8x on Nec 3520 that averages much higer then the standard ZCLV 4x6x8x that is used in DVD±R burns.


I am curious, where was that?


does anyone know where i can buy 8x +RW media right now?


check out verbatims web-site, i had an e-mail from cd-rmedia saying that verbatim will be selling 8+RW media in the uk. i can`t remeber when they said it would appeare.


+RW 8x does 6x8x strat, that means it will write faster than DVD-R/DVD+R which does 4x6x8x.

-/+R = 9:30@ 8x
+RW = 7:40@ 8x


The only RW media faster than 4x i found in the market is MKM 01RW6X0 (Mitsubishi’s 6x DVD-RW)


I have been using 6x Verbatim DVD-RW discs for a few weeks.

Burn time for a full SL disc is ~10.00 mins.


DVD+RW 8x and DVD-RW 6x media should become widely available this fall at abordable prices.
Same counts for DVD+/-R DL media with rated speeds above 4x