8x DVD+RW Media

Anybody know of a source (in the USA) for 8x DVD+RW blank media?
I’ve searched this site extensively and haven’t been able to find anything.
I’d like to try some in my 1640. :slight_smile:

Supermediastore.com and Newegg.com had Ridata DVD+RW 8X (Ritek 008) 25-packs a few weeks ago, but now only dvd-rwmedia.com carries the 100-pack.

Memorex sells a DVD+RW 8X 5-pack in jewel cases. The media code is also Ritek 008. BenQ DW1640 burn quality with this MID is satisfactory to good.

I haven’t found any source in the USA for other DVD+RW 8X MIDs such as MKM A03 or RICOHJPN W21.

Can anyone suggest a source also for Europe?

Many Thanks :bow: :bow: :bow:

I bought a 5 pack of Memorex DVD+RW 8X at my local Microcenter for $10 a week ago. MID is Ritek 008 (000).

I haven’t tried them out yet. Sad and unbelievable!

Also, try looking on www.PriceGrabber.com for “memorex dvd+rw 8x” (without the quotes). I found several etailors selling the media.

Chuck44 > I haven’t seen any around here in SGF. I hate to order online and get some crappy MID code to send back. If i see some i’ll msg you and visa versa i hope.

OK, thanks. I just got outbid on a 5 pack
@ eBay. :bigsmile:

I finally got a 5 pack of Memorex 8x +RW on eBay.
The MID is Ritek 008.
QS in the 90’s with my 1640 with BSLB,
which is better than most of the 4x I’ve used.
I get 8x times of under 8 minutes, both with +R
and now with these. :slight_smile:

buy.com has the Memorex 5 pack for $7.99 + shipping. Shipping looks like $6.11.

They list free shipping on $25. If I buy something else there and can get free shipping, I’ll add these.


I recently saw GQ brand 8x DVD+RW advertised in a Fry’s Electronics ad.
I have no idea what the MID is …

That’s good news. :slight_smile: - let’s hope they don’t mess with quality when production increases…

Someone tried the Ritek 8x +RW in LG 4163 and could not burn them (see LG forum).
(Lucky for me, the 6x -RW Verbatims are supported and produce consistent 97% QS although PIE’s rise sharply with repeated use.)

I have gone through 2 sets of Memorex DVD+RW 8X media. I have a Plextor 716A. The first burn was successful and it played on my standalone DVD player. However, when I re-wrote it, it failed to play on any thing but my Plextor 716A. I also noticed that it would take a long time for the Plextor to recognize it. I burned movies with DVD Decryptor and with Nero 6.3 and the result were the same. I contacted Plextor and they told me to run the self diagnnostic on the burner. The Memorex 8X DVD+RW were really manufactured by Ritek. I haven’t seen another company making any 8X DVD+RW yet, not even Verbatim. In both instances, I took the media back to the store and got my money back. I don’t think they have worked the kinks out of 8X DVD+RW media yet. The whole reason I upgraded to the Plextor was for ability to burn 8X DVD+RW media. I use my PC as a DVR. If you have better experiences with DVD+RW let me know. I am not surprised it didn’t work with certain burners.

MCSE helped. :slight_smile: