8x DVD+RW media where?



does anyone an online vendor that has 8x DVD+RW media now?


I haven’t seen it available at any retail locations yet. :frowning:
I’ll ask a few Media companies to see when they expect their 8x DVD+RW to show up in stores/online.
I would expect some 8x RiDATA DVD+RW to show up soon on newegg.com


Haven’t been able to lay my hands on any in Europe either. I’ve been told they should be available around the middle of June.

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I have been using 6x Verbatim DVD-RW discs for a few weeks.

This is the fastest RW media I have found so far in the UK.


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Not in South Korea. Those things are most likely to be released in Tokyo first.


go to ricoh website, they sell their own brand and you can purchase 8X +DW but at retail price


Verbatim USA is shipping their 8x +RW media now, which means that it should appear at retail shops mid June.

Ritek USA says that they plan to have 8x +RW in shops by the end of June.


Now if I can just remember which of my drive and firmware combinations support this? Thank goodnes for info tool.


As topic


is 8x DVD+/-RW out yet? if so, where can i find some?


go to ricoh website, they sell their own media directly to customers. They launched their 8X +RW a few weeks ago.


Where? Link, please!

Don’t see them here: http://store.ricoh-usa.com/media/shop_category.aspx