8X DVD-R writing on your 811s


I would encourage all users to follow this up.

811S -R 8x firmware - its time to make a stand!
« on: February 21, 2004, 07:28:35 PM »

Fellow 401S, 411S, 811S and 401S@811S users - it is time to take a stand against Norcent - the company had promised its buyers/users -R 8x firmware upgrades “in the near future”

It is time we all emailed, submitted, whinged, bitched and enquired about just WHERE this -R 8x firmware has disappeared into the ether to!

Please, I encourage everyone to visit this linkage:


Tell them you own an DWD-840

(found here)


Ask them WHEN the firmware upgrade is due for our “DWD-840” drives.

If we do not see some results soon, the company, and Liteon for the better part have entered into false advertising here!

I emplore you all to submit a query reguarding -R 8x for the DWD-840. If this drive ends up getting an OEM 8x -R f/w, then 811S -R 8x is assured!

Thanks wesociety.

Everybody - it seems there has been massive miscommunication between Liteon and Norcent here.

I encourage everone interested enough in seeing some progress with their drive to barrage Norcent and LiteonOn with query email - asking when this -R 8x firmware capability will be implemented.

We have some right to know whats going on here! It is, afterall, being shamelessly brandished and promised infront of our faces, with little or no information or explanation as to when, how and why…

Please, dont consider this inflamatory - more a truth seeking mission in an effort to wring the most we can out of our humble drives.


I strongly encourage all DWD-840 and LDW-811/851 owners to email LiteOn and Norcent on this issue. These drives are capable of 8X -R and 4X -RW writing. It is simply a firmware issue. We got them to add bitsetting we can get this as well. Let the word spread, send the emails…

Viva la resistance!

(email sent)

Thanks for the support Ssseth!

Everybody - follow Ssseth’s lead and ask the big questions that need answers!

everybody who WANTS DVD-R 8x & DVD-RW 4x

send in an RMA to Norcent

if i can send an email, so can u

we need to be heard LOUD AND CLEAR

Did it. Will they really give into this? Lets hope they will :slight_smile:

Its not really a case of “giving in” - its more a case of delivering what was promised as an integral part of the products functionality!

This makes me upset. They still have it rated at 8x -R on the website.
See the 8x -R spec here.

Norcent wrote:

Data Transfer Rate DVD+R Writing 8X, CLV
DVD-R Writing 8X, CLV
DVD+RW Rewriting 4X, CLV
DVD-RW Rewriting 4X, CLV
DVD-ROM Reading (Single Layer) 12X, CAV
ROM Reading (Dual Layer) 8X, CAV
DVD±R/RW 6X, (8100KB/Sec)
CD-R Writing 40X, P-CAV
CD-RW Rewriting 24X, P-CAV
CD-ROM Rewriting 40X, CAV

Data Buffer memory
Random Access Time 120ms
Supported media for Reading
DVD DVD Single/Dual Layer (PTP,OTP), DVD-R,
CD All CD-ROM/R/REW Formats

Installation Angle

Audio Specifications
Line Output Level 0.85±0.15Vrms
S/Ratio 60dB

Environment Temperature Operating: 5°C to 45° C
Storage: -20°C to 60° C
Humidity Operating: 15-18% (Non-Cond.)
Power Requirement DC+12V ± 5%, DC + 5V ±5%
Physical Dimensions
WxHxD 145x41.3x170mm
Weight 0.9kg (typical)

Voltage Requirements
+5V +/-5% and less than 100mVp-p ripple voltage
+12V +/-5% and less than 200mVp-p ripple voltage

Yup - you bet Ssseth. The fact that the box itself says “8x -R capable via future firmware” in two places as well as in the documentation is just asking for us to be howling at their door.

Time waits for no man - and sloppy promotion and specification and configuration management is not acceptable in these days of the hyper-aware consumer!

Norcent - show us the colour of your firmware! :wink:

I’m curious, does anyone know when the DWD-840 was released? I’m just wondering how long the drive has been out so far.

Hrm - a couple of months ago now…Worker knows I think…

Any idea?

I got mine on Nov 25th. It was manufactured in October. Mine is a LDW-811S. They are currently shipping the LDW-851.

Come on everyone!
Anyone else send an email yet?

If you want to just send a straight email without bothering with the webform, the address is rma@norcent.net

Ask them where the 8x DVD-R firmware update is that is mentioned on the product packaging.

Yup - enough people have whinged about 8x -R for as long as I can remember. Time to put those whinges to screen and make them count!


I emailed them and they in turn emailed me firmware now since I own a liteon 811 and not a dwd 840 and I am not really all that much into messin with firmware like many so I have no idea if this update is old or not…most likely is…but I am sure someone here will know…they sent me firmware ver GS08

GS08?!..that is an LDW-851S firmware isnt it?!

Something is fishy here.

Originally posted by wesociety
[B]Come on everyone!
Anyone else send an email yet?

If you want to just send a straight email without bothering with the webform, the address is rma@norcent.net

Ask them where the 8x DVD-R firmware update is that is mentioned on the product packaging. [/B]


I actually sent the email to both :stuck_out_tongue:
No reponse yet though :frowning: