8X DVD+R Taiyo Yuden Silver Laquer vs Inkjet Printable

Recently i expressed my concern for the lowerd quality burns on my DVD+Rs. I got my order of my new Inkjet DVD+Rs and compared them with some of my DVD+R Silver Thermal Laquer.

I have included Plextool burst scan results to show you guys the differance. For some reason the inkjet printables definatley outperform thier Silver brand.

Take a look and post a comment.

This JPG is a Taiyo Yuden Inkjet printable. 8X DVD+R. Burned an ISO DVD movie image at 8X in an Plextor 740A firmware 1.01.

How is then the thermal laquer?

Sorry these scans take a while.

Take a look at this scan it contains four times as much PIE on Avg. These are both great scans actually. The silver thermal is better then most brands but as you can see the inkjet printable is SUPERIOR. That little differance in quality shows when i sell these. (i get no returns on inkjet printables)

This JPG was done with a Taiyo Yuden 8X @ 8X. Its a DVD+R. It was done with a different image file about 20 minutes after the first one was made. In the same Plextor 740A!!!

These are both the same model of taiyo yuden. One is Silver thermal and the other is inkjet printable. Both were purchased from the same company. Supermediastore.com

Post a comment!!!

These scans are not hugely different. Well within the bounds of normal variation between batches. Many Plextor burners are not particularly well calibrated for TY media, and differences between batches can be pronounced.
If you burned the same 2 discs on an LG or NEC, the difference would be less pronounced.

So it’s not that one type of media is better than the other, just different batches.

Does anyone else have the different types to scan and see if there is a differance.