8X DVD-R media for 2500a

What are the 3 or 4 “highest quality” brand names of 8X DVD-R
media that have been proven to work well with the 2500a?

And don’t just say Ritek or Ridata ! Please name a few brands.

I know that the real issue is the manufacturer, but it’s very
difficult to read the media code identifier when it’s sealed in
the packaging at the store, so the best we can do is to go by
the labeled “brand” name.

Any help appreciated,

Big Pig

TY G01
TY G02
TY G01 or G02 :iagree:

Could be
Or http://surl.dk/2u/ if the link breaks.
I got few of them, and works fine in mine 2510 with beta 5 ver.1.07

Well… I guess I should thank you for being kind enough to
reply. However, in all of my visits to the retail stores near
my home that sell blank DVD-R media:

Fry’s Electronics
Office Depot

I have never seen anything labeled as being “Taiyo Yuden” brand.
Please list a few brand names that this manufacturer’s media can
be reliably found inside said brand name’s sealed packages.

I just bough a box of 10 DVD-R 4x from Verbatim and they burn at 8x (2500A 1.07 stock) very well. Their ID MCC 01RG20.

About “Taiyo Yuden”: it’s just the manufacturer, you won’t find them with that inscription on the package. I’ve seen some dvds sold as Plextor or TDK made by Taiyo Yuden. In fact, the first DVD I burned at 8X was a DVD-R TDK 4x and it was a Taiyo Yuden.

Datasafe 8x (ritek G05)
Ridisc 4x Printable (ritek G04) Burns well at 8x with herries 1.07 V2 beta 5

Any “brand” labeled as made in Japan will be good quality discs.
DVD-R made in Japan will be either Taiyo Yuden or Maxell.

Or you could just save yourself trouble with brands and their repackaging and purchase online.

Not sure if its just my drive…but on my 2510 TY’s havn’t turned out anywhere near as good as my verbatim burns :open_mouth: even a verbatim (mcc01) 4X rated disc burnt @ 8x turned out better than Fuji (TY G01) 4x@4x…just my experience :S

Thumbs up for the verbatim (mitsubishi chemicals)