8X DVD-R for the 1008IM?

I think the title says it all… Can we expect some 8X DVD-R support, even if limited?

Does anyone know?

I unfortunately do not think so, I am afraid. Check out here, where they list all 8x disks that are now included in the firmware, and they put that support is only till 4x.


the 1108 is the 8X DVD-R Writer, the 1008 only does 4X DVD-R

It would be nice if someone hacked the firmware for 8x dvd-r writing. It has been done with other similar drives. On the other hand, while the 4x writing for dvd+r is acceptable, it is not good at 8x. I’m not sure even if we could get a hack for the speed if the writing would be of high enough quality.

I found the tools I need to test this on my 1008 and see if I can get it working; but first, I have a couple of technical questions:

  1. Is it technically possible for this burner to burn -R discs at 8x or is there a laser pickup or motor limitation? Keep in mind this question does not ask whether or not the output disc will work, it only asks if this is technically feasible.

  2. If I engineer myself a hacked firmware with the BTC firmware hacker, install it, and try burning a disc, is it possible to damage the drive?

I doubt either of these scenarios is seriously likely to result in problems or the drive would not be set to burn DVD+R media at 8x.

I am OK with wasting a DVD, but I do not want to risk wasting a drive. If the answers to these questions seem reasonable, I will test this out and see if I can get it to work.

Thanks in advance for input on these two issues.

Dear M@ttz0r:

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It probably is technically possible to burn the -r discs at 8x, but the write quality is the issue without the correct write strategy.

It always possible to damage the drive with a hacked firmware, but not a likely possibility.

This might be an interesting test, but it is unlikely to produce any quality burns. Even the supported +R at 8x has questionable performance and quality.

Has anyone out there tried a -R at 8x with an 1108?

Also, take a look at the Liteon forum reguarding adding +R DL support to the 451 and 851 drives. In there they discuss the differences between the 51S drives and the 2S drives. It has something to do with an analog chip that has been added for the Mediatek chipset drives to burn at 8X. I really don’t believe that the 1008 has this added or newer version chip or equivalent added.

That may explain why the 8x +R burns are really very poor. My solution is to do all burns at 4x, a simple, but hardly great solution. If it’s a chip it’s missing, then all the firmware in the world won’t help the situation.

Code65536 wrote:

The only difference between the 51S and the 2S that we are aware of is that the 2S has a newer revision of the analog signal processor. And the difference between these two analog signal processors? The one for the 2S is capable of processing the wobble used for 8x -R. If you read Michael Spath’s wonderful article about the technical differences between -R and +R, you’ll notice that it’s not enough to just have a laser and motor capable of 8x. +R and -R use different wobbles for tracking and addressing, and in order to process the wobble for 8x -R, a newer analog signal processor was needed.

I bet this is the same difference between the 1008 and 1108, but I could be wrong. On a slightly better note, It looks like most + drives are capable of +R DL according to that same discusion. After all, they do have 451S 's writing +R DL disks!

I doubt DL is going to be possible with the 1008/1108, I’d settle for a decent 8x burn.

To be honest, I have relegated my 1004 to only being used to READ tough disks. I never had very good luck with it’s burning (in)capabilities but it reads just about anything. As far as DL, the statement was made in general that most +R drives technically could write +R DL, not that BTC would bother adding that feature.

Interesting. Perhaps I would be better served by complaining to BTC about the lack of proper support for DVD+R discs that they put on the box. The fact that they left out an important piece of analog circuitry is pretty frustrating and offensive.

Nevertheless, I will try the hacked firmware and see what happens. Based on what all of you have been telling me, I expect that my attempt will most likely fail, but I hope I am wrong.

The BTC is a very good reader, too bad they can’t get the 8x burns to work right. I’m not sure what complaining to BTC will accomplish. They probably won’t even know what we’re talking about.