8x DVD+R DL writers to be released in Q1 next year

I just posted the article 8x DVD+R DL writers to be released in Q1 next year.

DVD Forum recently unveiled that
the specifications for its coming DVD-R DL format will have a basic recording
speed of 2x with 4x speed being optional. Already in the beginning of next year…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9227-8x-DVDR-DL-writers-to-be-released-in-Q1-next-year.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9227-8x-DVDR-DL-writers-to-be-released-in-Q1-next-year.html)

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But what about DVD+RW DL, is that on the horizon?

The DL discs are too expensive! :c I have no use in a 8x DL writer if they keep the price of the DVD+R DL media high. :frowning: You simply cannot spend 10 times the price of a DVD+R media for a DVD+R DL… :r

I agree, the technology has no point since DL discs are so expensive. It might have though if discs were no more than a quid a piece…

How fast can DL go up to? I read some where that DVD5 can only go up to 16x and that CD can only go up to 52x.

from what i understand they will max out at 8x

DL disc with come down it price like everything! but u will have to wait for that :frowning: oh plz be it soon not holding my breath :x for Speed there at the max DVD5 is 16x so DVD+9 will have the same speed 16x it’s all spin speed anything higher the disc have a very good chance for blowing apart or u get very bad burner because the disc start to deform aka “vibrate” Just Remember CDR went thru the same growing along time ago

Sly_Fox I agree about the price of DL media, it will come down as soon as competition gets ramped up, DVD+/-R media was too expensive at one time, too. I disagree with the top speed, though. I believe that the top speeds will have to be increased because people will demand it. It takes 2 minutes to burn a full CD-R at 52x (real life example) DVD DL writing times will need to come down considerably to keep the freaks satisfied. Especially when you consider HD/BR on the horizon, a way is needed to write the data faster. While 52x CD’s and 16X DVD’s are at the rpm limits of the media, multiple read/write heads will be needed to increase the effective write speeds of DVD’s to over 16X and I believe that this will be the next biggest speed breakthrough, although it may not happen until whichever the next generation format wins (HD or BR) before we see this kind of thing happening.

Multiple heads for writing is not possible for CD-R(W) & DVD+/-RW formats, because the data is burning on a continuous helix, there are no discret preformatted sectors.

Whopee, finally some real speeds. Now if only -DL could get its ass in gear so we could stop messing around with booktypes and get some decent prices.