8x DVD+R DL in 8x Lite-On only burns at 4x?



I have 8x media in an 8x burner that only burns at 4x. What gives?

The media is Verbatim DVD+R DL in a spindle of 20 (purple package) from Newegg.

The burner is a Lite-On SHM-165P6S that supports 8x DVD+R9 (DL) burning. I am using Easy Media Creator to burn the disc. I may have tried other apps (such as dvddecrypter), not sure at the moment though.

The Lite-On firmware is up-to-date and everything is working fine. I use several burning apps, several media types, at several speeds and everything else works fine. Any thoughts?

Verbatim: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817130008

Lite-On: http://www.liteonit.com/global/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=160&Itemid=67&limit=1&limitstart=1


8x isn’t always the best with Dual layer media. Maybe the liteon can’t burn it at 8x because it knows it will produce a non working disc?

I would stick to 2.4 or 4x.

Sorry if that doesn’t really help you :stuck_out_tongue:


It might help for me to note that Easy Media Creator and Nero both display the option of burning at: 2.4x, 4x

None give the option to burn at 8x, almost as though the drive is detecting the media incorrectly. Again, my drives seem to detect all other media at the correct speeds.


That really isn’t 8x media. If you look at the package, the rated speed is 2.4x (MID is MKM 001). It says “up to 8x on compatible drives” and indeed some burners will overspeed these discs to 8x, but many do not, which is the case with your Lite-On. These are the true 8x DVD+R DL discs, with the MID of MKM 003. You can also find them in 15-disc spindles at Best Buy.


I really did not want to get into this but you can change media codes with MCSE(Media Code Speed Edit) and flash it with the modified firmware to make them work at 8X i believe…


Argh, my bad. For being rated at 2.4x I guess I’m lucky I can burn at 4x then. I don’t typically use modified firmwares but thanks for the info.


Newegg’s description of the item is a bit confusing, some might say misleading.


Actually MCSE works great but you do what you want.


Where do I get a firmware that can change the media code? Certainly not from liteonit.com lol


I wouldn’t bother trying to speed up incompatible media. 8x probably wouldn’t work well even if you were using an actual 8x MKM003 disc. Just be happy with 4x :slight_smile:


It’s the saved output f/w that you get from MCSE. You make it yourself. You load the f/w you want to change,make the change(s) you want, save it to somewhere you know ie desktop and then flash your drive with it. You will void your warranty though…up to you. Here’s instruction for BenQ drive but you just use your f/w instead of BenQ Here


to burn that disc with 8x use the best dl burner… pio111d