8X DVD+R burning experiences with 1004@1008

Though many say that 8X DVD+R burning with the 1004@1008 is quite faulty, even after a succesful burn, I’d like to know if certain DVD+R media have been correctly burnt, and fully legible, whether on standalones or other DVD-ROM readers.
Experiences here, please, and preferably positive ones.

Tried these:

MCC 003 8x DVD+R: Unreadable after the shift to 8x speed.

YUDEN00T01 revision 001 4x DVD+R: Unreadable after the shift to 6x speed.

Ritek R03 8x DVD+R: Unreadable after the shift to 6x speed.

DAXON.AZ1 4x DVD+R: Unreadable after the shift to 8x.

It’s a while since I tried - I think it was with firmware 0156.

But to be honest I think the drives may have an EEPROM - just like Lite-On drives, and that the EEPROM is missing calibration data for 8x speed.

But the Liteons are Mediatek-based, too, and IIRC, their EEPROMs were hackable…

Yep Lite-On’s were hackable as we were able to modify the EEPROM.

We are unable to do that on BTC devices as there is no tools for reding/writing the EEPROM in BTC drives.

Is is even possible to use a 1008 firmware on a 1004? I thought it could be done but have there been people that did it and do you just use the 1008 or does it need to be modified to work on the 1004?

I usually try to use 1008 firmwares on 1004 because of the writing quality improvement you get using some kind of medias.
8x writing with 1008 firmware on 1004 is not possible because of what OC-Freak just said…
You can use the original firmware, but you must flash the drive under DOS using mtkflash in order to make it work.