8x DVD Burner

I really want to get an 8x DVD burner but I’m not sure what to get. Currently I’m looking at the LiteOn LDW-811S. Trying to find out which product would be a better buy. If y’all think there’s not much point in getting and 8x DVD burner yet let me know that too cause I can save some money. Thanks in advance for your help.

Well there sure is a good point in getting a 8x DVD burner, as 8x discs are just entering the market, and both LiteOn and Plextor support the burning at 8x on a 4x disc (only +R discs btw).

I wouldn’t know what drive to advice though. I haven’t read any really good review of the 8x LiteOn drives yet, and Pioneer is about to release their latest drive (x07 model) that should support 8x burning as well… The same goes for Nec, as they should release the 8x 1500a this month.

If you want a nice driver for christmas, I’d buy the 8x LiteOn drive, as I think (as always with LiteOn) it performs well and firmwares will be released quite often.

I was also wondering about 8x discs. I wasn’t sure if they even had them yet. Thanks for yuor advice.

CMC, Ritec and others are starting 8x production now, expect to see them in 1stQ 2004.

using clone dvd i can get my liteon 811s to write at 8x on ritekg 4x + media. copytodvd only writes at 4x. i havent noticed any difference in quality seems to work fine. ive burned around 50 backups with the 811s and havent had one failure on read or write using ritekg disks. plus if you want to backup protected game cds in one drive this is the best one as well as the 411s but thats just a 4x writer.

i am looking for a 8x writer as well

seems liteon is picky?

i am considering plextor 708A but the price is like nearly 30% more. its alot of money.

i think benQ has a 8x writer as well

some people say the pioneer A06 drives are very good 4x drives

what i would like in the drive is:
not picky on media/good compatiblity can burn 8x on 4x media etc
really good burn quality
good compatiblity with dvd players for TVs (they seem to differ between burners)

:S:S:S:S confusion confusion

but i would really like an advice on what to buy

I just got the Pioneer 106, could have gotten the LiteOn 811, but since the 4X of LiteOn seems to be pure garbage, I didnt expect much etter from the 811.

So decided to save the money, and use this 4X until the dual-layer writers come out next year sometime.

Wasnt to sure either if my 4200 RPM notebook harddrive could keep up with a 8X. :bigsmile:

Big plus, everything burnt in the Pioneer plays in everything I throw it in :smiley:

should i spend much more money in getting a plextor or get a liteon or get a 4x

and knowing the possiblity of needing to upgrade again in 1 year for the dual layered?

also… what was wrong with liteon?