8x dvd burn at 16x



so far the fuji dvd +r pack i got all burn at 16x with no errors. just wondering if anyone else has noticed this yet?


Yes,I did.They have media code YUDEN000T02.Plextools ,however,suggests not to burn them at these speeds.On my plextor px-716a they burn best or fastest at 12 speed.


It seems to be getting to be more common for manufactures to support burning faster than the rated speed with select medias. Generally it is going to be higher quality medias that the manufacture has tested to burn well at higher speeds. How well they burn at higher than rated speeds can vary from drive to drive though.


well so far ive ripped both my fight club dvds and fooly cooly dvds with no errors or problems with playback.


That doesn’t really suprize me, ty is generally pretty good media. It might not be a bad idea to run some cdspeed tests to see how well they burned.
I have burned hundreds of ricohjpnr01 (4x media) at 8x and they always consistantly scan very good. My liteon required hacked firmware to overspeed them but my nec burns them just fine at 8x with oem firmware.


Plextor burners, and a few others can write double the recommended speed for most +R media, but do you really think it is worth the risk. You are definitely risking more errors, esecially if you are doing movies.


With my liteon it burns ricohjpnr01 beter at 6x and 8x even though it is 4x media. I run scans of burns all the time and my 8x burns are always exelent. It just depends on the quality of the media and how well the drive/firmware overburns it.


may i know how to force nero burn at higher speed? like 8X coz nero only detect my media allow to burn at 4X


It is determined by the firmware in your burner, not Nero.


LG burner suck!!