8x burning with NuTech DDW 081



I own a NuTech DDW081 and bought some PLATINUM 4x DVD+R Discs. (the have 2 diffrend manufacturer)
Disc ID: RITEK-R02-01
Disc ID: RICOHJPN-R01-02
They all burned 8x with good results as the all worked very nice for playback. I also found a media list with 8x burnspeeds in the history file of the firmware:
8X write:
8X Philips 081
4x DVD+R -> 8x YUDEN T01 V00
4x DVD+R -> 8x YUDEN T01 V01
4x DVD+R -> 8x PRODISK R02
4x DVD+R -> 8x RITEK R02
4x DVD+R -> 8x CMC MAG F01 V01
4x DVD+R -> 8x CMC MAG F01 V00
Thats not too bad collection.
Does anyone else like to share something about this drive?
I use firmware BX30 because I had trouble with the dual( DVD-R/DVD+R) firmware


I really like this drive.

The writing quality is great, it’s the fastest 8x writer available, it supports bitsetting etc…

The only real drawback that I see is that it do not yet support DVD-R/RW. (the beta firmwares is not good).


Do you people know if this drive does burns 4X PRINCO media with beta firmware ?


Originally posted by mad3d
Do you people know if this drive does burns 4X PRINCO media with beta firmware ?

These are the only discs that works (and the drive only supports 2x DVD-R speed as well, no support for 4x speed) with the beta B362 firmware:

CMC.MAG.AF1 (CMC magnetics)
RITEKG04 (Ritek)
TYG01 (Taiyo Yuden)
MCC01RG20 (Mitsubishi)
GSC002 (Gigastorage)

No other DVD-R discs works.


Thats really bad news, I was going to get one of there drives because Im interested in its DVD-ROM bitseting for -R media. My dvd player doesnt play -R and +R media isnt wide available at my country.

Dont you know about any other upcoming drive with such feature? Maybe I could wait a bit more for a drive with bitseting for -R media that could handle more -R brands.


Unless I’m very much mistaken, you can’t bit set DVD-dash media, only DVD-plus. I believe the book type is stamped on DVD-dash media, so it’s not something the drive can change.

Personally, I’m using DVD+RW for rewritable (which gives me the advantages of the plus format), and DVD-R for write once. I really need to be able to read the discs I’ve written with a Toshiba SD-R2102 in an old laptop, which won’t read DVD-plus media. I daren’t try a firmware upgrade - too many of those drives have been lost trying to upgrade them, and I think it’s such an old hardware revision that there probably isn’t any firmware capable of reading DVD-plus media. However, I don’t have the capability of bit setting on DVD-plus media to see whether the old Toshiba combo drive will read it if the book type is DVD-ROM.



The truth is:

This drive could set DVD-R/RW media to DVD-ROM book type. I also though it was technically impossible - but it seems not as I’ve wrote 2 discs and verified that it works.


If it’s possible for the Toshiba to do bitsetting on DVD-R(W), then I do not see why this feature cannot be implemented into other drives.
What do you think about it?


Have you also tried bitsetting for DVD- with the LDW-811S. AFAIK, the old booktype utility (v 1.00) allowed these changes. But I doubt that it works.



have you tested the Nu Tech DDW-081 with last firmware version B370 ?

What are your opinions ?

Should i buy a buy Nu Tech DDW-081 and flash it with firmware B370 or buy a Nec ND-2500 ?

Thank you !


look into the BenQDW822A it has the same chipset as the Nu tech and it does 8x + and 4x - and it dual layer firmware upgradable in the future.