8x burning problems after a 16x burn, LiteOn 1693S

i have a SOHW 1693S liteon burner which i purchased about 2 months ago and it was working fine until i burned a 16X dvd. it worked fine burning those then when i went back to burning 8X the completed dvd burned with a ring about .25inch from the center. said dvds could not play of course. i purchased the exact model about two weeks ago and it immediately did the same thing with all dvd’s. i did the firmware update thing and still it would burn completely but leave rings on the dvd which cannot play…any info on this problem…it burned cds and files on dvd fine
computer:p4 3ghz ht asus p4800d mb. 756ram

I found exactly what you experienced and it also had the same problem very soon after burning a 16X DVD at 12X in an external case. I moved the drive inboard and reset firmware and flashed back to an older firmware and then to KC4B and all is well.

I attributed the problem to the external chipset but now I wonder if the 12X burn might have been related. I’ll have to test it out tomorrow as I rarely use 16X media.

It might be helpful for a mod to move this to Liteon’s forum and maybe word the title so we can get more input. We can’t be the only ones with this experience and I don’t want to repost the same info.

This person has been a member since October 2004.

All ten of his posts have been questions.

He comes to CDFreaks like this is a one stop answer shop.

He has not answered any questions for anyone else since he has been a member. Indeed, I find it hard to believe that he has not learned something, in over a year as a member, with which to share with the community.

Does he deserve our help?


Well, whether he does or not, I’d like to see the answers because that’s the burner I’m using. :wink:

Yes, we all had to learn in the beginning, the fact that he/she has only asked questions is immaterial. You’re like GURM. If you don’t want to help then go away and start your own Forum where the exercising of the ego will go unnoticed.
Perhaps you have run out of Christmas cheer or are suffering the effects of too much?

#1 This is “CD Freaks, the worlds largest CD DVD Community”.

#2 This is “CD Freaks, the worlds largest CD DVD Answer Database”.

Community is defined as:
A group of people having common interests ie. the scientific community;
b. Sharing, participation, and fellowship.

So, is this website number one or number two. If it is number one then
the statement

the fact that he/she has only asked questions is immaterial.

shows an uninformed observation.


Where did all the Christmas spirit go?

Some of the members here are quite inexperienced & if they have a problem then they ask their questions. Unless they deal with computers & computer problems regularly they will never gain enough experience to be able to help others. So what?

If you object to helping others with less experience then you shouldn’t come here.

I’ve got better things to do than count how many questions someone’s asked & answered before I offer help.

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Well said. I too am wondering about the answers, since I have the same burner (with same firmware as Chas), and have had zero problems going from 8x to 16x, and back down to 12x and 8x etc.

I’m intrigued. :slight_smile:

mwalimu, get back to us!! Do you have an external enclosure? Anything else that might have caused this. I am dying to find out what we both did. :confused:

Who are you to say that I or anyone else is uninformed, I just stated a fact.
I can’t believe you still don’t get it!

Have you a doctorate or other high level qualification, do you or have you ever instructed in a school or professional body. If the answer to any of the previous is yes your attitude is beyond belief. If no then I can understand your ill informed attitude.

Look if newbie’s piss you off don’t get involved, leave it to other freaks to help out.
Your attitude and that of GURM only put newbie’s off. We don’t know what skills they have, what their first language is, their age or their qualifications.
These people will develop into freaks long after you and I have lost interest here, but if you help drive them away they’re a lost resource.
I am not trying to start a fight with you just using commonsense.
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while i agree that i never answered a question on this forum i have however been a constant visitor whenever i have the time to do so. i find this forum to be a place for people to learn and get advice from other whom are willing to provide such without ever thinking whether or not a person who is asking questions have answered someone else’s question. and question that are being asked to members are often shared by other members whom might have the same problem. and everyone learns from that question or questions in my case according to you that i have so frequently asked. i’m still new to computers and computer hardwares and can only at this time share a similiar issue another member might have. i’m surprised that some people in this forum are actually counting how much questions a member asked and how much he aswered.

this burner is internal. and now it not even writing 16X media properly. same
ring pattern appearing on the burnt dvds. some of the dvd work to a point
and others not at all.

Yo mwalimu-

Thanks for hanging in there - even after the attempted flaming-

I also learn from the questions and answers given on these forums - we are blessed with some of the best minds in the areas of interest-

That you have only posted eleven times in fourteen months is testimony that you are not like some members that seemingly lay awake at night thinking up some bazaar computer or burning question-

So feel free to ask your intelligent questions and we will try and help you-


hey guys…

srry took so long to reply. isp problem . i took chas advice and flash the drive using the KC4B firm ware and had no problems since. even used the same firmware to flash the earlier version of the writer which i thought was no good and now its working just fine. always purchased liteon drives but too much headache… going to buy a different brand next time.

I too have a 1693S and it is a strange one for sure. I got those rings on CD’s…not happy with CD quality at all. The only trouble I’ve had with DVD’d is this:


I am using KS0B firmware. I have only burned one 8x DVD (-R) and it worked fine. I don’t have anymore 8x to try going back to 8x. I have to burn that Chris Rock again (to try and recreate or fix the problem)…is it good enough to set it to 8x and see what happens?

I have done some testing with a few different CD media and I found that the 1693 was very good, only being bettered by my Plextor Premium. What is your media ID?

Glad you got it sorted, and that KC4B helped!

Glad you got that problem sorted, until the next time. :smiley: