8X Burning not faster



I just recently bought some Ritek 8x DVD-Rs and when I burn a whole DVD it still takes 10 minutes, which is the time it took on a 6x burn speed. What’s wrong? I have the NEC 2500A with the 1.9a firmware.


This may sound like a dumb question, but are you sure you are setting your burning software to burn any faster than before?


I’m using Nero and I do select 8x.


10 minutes is a good mark :slight_smile:
Burning at 8x, you won’t get better than that (only if you could choose 12x or 16x, of course)


I have had plenty of 8x burns that are closer to 8 minutes. If I have been informed right, nec burners (the 3500 at least) can detect in the middle of a burn if it is going badlly and slow the burn down. If it actually does what it is suposed to do, I would think that would be a good function. It’s beter to have it burn a little slower than to have a bad burn. I would think that it might also have something to do with the particular write strategy for that disk. Even a 16x burn generally takes over 6 minutes. It doesn’t write at that speed through the whole disk and depending on the write strategy/firmware/drive it may only be writing at that speed at the very end of the disk.
I think that thier is a hack that will cause nero to show the actual burn speed, not the selected speed (not farmiliar with it though). try searching the nero forum.


8X burn with NEC 3500 is around 9:40.


I think I’m going to buy a 3500 and sell this one. Is there anything better at the same price than that?


Keep your 2500 for now & wait to see what comes out over the next few months. There don’t seem to be many 3500s for sale as the 3520 & newer are the ones available.


Get the NEC 3520. Not many of the 3500 can be found these days.


Haha, whatever is newest. I haven’t looked into it for a while. Are drives faster than 16X supposed to be coming out? 16x read for DVDs has been around forever, I doubt that writing would get past that anytime soon.


no 16X is the max for dvd`s, any faster and the disc will explode :eek:


The annoying thing is, Nero will say “Time remaining: 0 minutes” but it’ll still keep working for about 4 minutes. Why is that?


The time nero shows is just a roughly calculated estimate. It can do just the oppisite too (report a long time to complete and then all of a sudden the time drops in half). diffrent drives shift speeds diffrently and at diffrent times during a burn and its going to be diffrent for every drive, media and firmware. Hacked firmwares change that even more and some drives like the 3500 can detect bad burning and slow the burn down during the burn too. Thier is no way for nero to exactlly calculate the burn time so it just guestimates.