8x burn takes 9 mins. Nero says 7 mins

Why does it take 9 mins to burn 8xmedia@8x. Nero says 7 min. no bufferproblem after upgrading to latset IDE driver from NVIDIA. 6x on 4x media takes about the same time. Think i have read about this somewhere but am not sure.

Because Nero assumes 8x all through the burn which would be 7 minutes. But most burners burn at 4x then 6x then 8x so it has to adjust as it goes along. Not all burners burn higher speeds at the same points on the disc either. :wink:


This is because it doesn’t write @8x all the time, but NERO doesn’t know.
The NEC writes using Z-CLV method (zone - constant linear velocity). So it writes the first 20% @4x, the next 30% @6x and the last 50% @8x. This results in a time about 9:30 min.
Recording @6x means that it writes @4x for the first 20% and the rest @6x. This is only a little bit slower, about 11:00 min.

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That make sense, was something simular i read but don´t know where. Now im relaxed when i know it´s not the hardware that f#cked up the burn on some way, had some issue with 4x@6x because of defragg and maby old IDE-driver.
Thanks everybody for the fast answers.

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