8x burn on 10 drives simultaneously

A crazy idea, but our friend from Nippon, thiaNine, decided to try it. In terms of actually reaching 8x, surprisingly it went well.

He’s wondering if he overloaded the PCI card by attaching four drives to it, but I don’t think so. With his configuration, he’s using about 1/3 of PCI bus bandwidth, 1/3 to 2/3 of IDE bus bandwidth, and about 1/2 of USB2 bandwidth.

The bottleneck was the 120 GB Seagate SATA drive, once the DVD drives’ positions diverged far enough because of different speeds at which P-CAV/Z-CLV strategies proceed… filesystem cache probably took care of that at the beginning, but after some point, the hard drive had to work hard, but handled it great anyway.

How did he setup 4 drives in 2 ATA133-PCI card? I can’t understand the language. Nice test!

I believe he’s using a dual-channel PCI ATA/133 card, something like this, hence the mention of two primaries and two slaves attached to the card.

A PCI card can supply a steady flow of up to 120 MB/s to four drives. At 8x, four drives need only 44 MB/s (about 1/3 of max PCI bandwidth). Assuming a properly designed card, that is nowhere near its limits.

Ah, so he’s using only one PCI ATA133 card. In his table it says PCI1 and PCI2 I thought there are two cards. Thanks agent009. :slight_smile:

Well, it’s not entirely clear from the description, but most all PCI ATA adapters, even $15 ones, are dual-channel, so I assume he’s got one of those.

On an off chance it’s two single-channel cards in PCI slots 1 and 2, the same calculation still applies. PCI bandwidth (127 MB/s) allows up to about eleven parallel 8x burns, and he needs only four.

Who would do that anyway? Oh well…

hes not even burning any real data! hes using the create-data disc command from cd-dvd speed. i just tried reading [transfer test] with 2 drives,
and the reading curve went hay wire even b4 hitting 8x, so forget any faster. i have a 1640 & a 1655 [i even tried this with 1620 & a lite-on 1693s]
hooked upto pri-ide and secon-ide, in that exact order.

i have 2 400gb [wd] hdds hooked up to 2 sata ports [sata-2 & sata-3] on a promise sata controller, the promise controller is on the mb, and a
120gb [wd] & 160gb [seagate] to sata-0 & sata1 on the intel controller, also on the mb.

i have a 3.2ghz p4 and 1gb of ram. ive never tried burning from 2 seperate iso’s from 2 hds at once for fear of bad burns, as even transfer tests
didnt work! but i sure as heck would like to burn, diffrent images using, atleast 2 burners, or atleast do transfer test + pie/pif scanning on
1 burner while using the other for burns at the same time, as this reduces burn/scan times a lot, esp if u have a lot of dvd’s to burn.

Okay, he’s not reading any data off the hard drive(s), but CD-DVD Speed is still transferring data to DVD drives at 11 MB/s a piece.

Two drives on two [B]different[/B] IDE channels/cables? Certainly, it’s possible to reach 8x on both simultaneously [total of 22 MB/s] with a properly working IDE controller.

Here’s a simple experiment. Three drives reading in parallel. Two IDE drives + one USB.

I gave Plextor a head start because it’s a slower reader.

The two spikes in the Plextor scan are from taking and saving the screenshot.

As you can see in the second screenshot, there are three drives going at a combined 33x [about 45 MB/s] with no slowdowns.

lol, first of all sry, im always not clear/articulate in my explanations, what i mean was, if he had shown transfer rate test [trt]
and pie/pif scans then we couldve known for sure if those discs are even usable.

as he only burned them, without showing any sort of scans! i mean burning 4, 5, 6, 7 or even 8 dvd’s altogether isnt even worth
anything if u cant read the discs back at all, right?

again sry for that 8x comment, i meant 12x, and certainly 16x is not possible! aamof, ive done 2 8x burns, using a 1620 and a
[lite-on] 1693s, using an image, that was being fed to the 2 burners simultaneously. i did this test back in july of 2005,
but my 12x tests failed, let me add, miserably!

i confirmed this again when i did trt tests, 8x went just fine but read curve went haywire shortly after that. ill post both
the burn and trt scans at the other thread ive started, 1655 and its unending problems!!!

nice, altough ive never had 3 drives [atleast not installed] all at once, so i cant really comment about that, but 2 is certainly possible.