8x burn and PS2 reading

I finnaly got some of the Fuji 10 packs with the Taio Yuden discs in them($16 each was cheapest I could find). I have a 2500A burner.

Anyways, I wanted to test out my PS2 to see if it could read -R, as I had read it did. So I burned Freddy VS Jason using DVD Shrink to these TY discs, and it burned at 8x. Sure enough, my PS2 read the disc and played it. I decided to watch the whole thing just to be sure. At the part where the little rave party is going on at the corn field(about halfway through the movie) it froze and then said “cannot read disc”. Tried again, still couldnt. Put it in my PC and it read it perfectly.

So then I had these other -R discs, Sony brand that I got from Staples when they were on the $9.95 special(I loaded up on them, cleaned that place out). These discs burn at 4x. I tried it in my PS2 and it worked all the way through.

So can I conclude from this that PS2 doesnt like disc regions that are burned at 8x? I know the 2500A tier burns, if thats what its called. So maybe when it got the part that the PS2 wouldnt read, it was above 4x burning. Im just wondering cuz I dont wanna backup a bunch of my more expensive dvds and then have it not read in it. I do want to get a new stand alone DVD player, but I want a LiteOn and they just arent in north america right now. I shoulda snatched up their stand alone recorder at compusa a few weeks ago for $200 :frowning:

All you can conclude is that your specific PS2 doesn’t like that specific TY disc.
It could be that your specific PS2 has a picky drive or has reading trouble, however gaming system drives have been sometimes known to only like media burned at slower speeds.
Try burning another TY @8X and testing it out on the PS2.
If you were using Nero, make sure it is up to date, or try a different burning app such as RecordNow :bigsmile: