8x BTC and KProbe

So I’ve read that KProbe might not return good results on the my btc drive (iomagic bought for $80 from staples w/ no rebate). But I figured I’d try anyways.

but it just locks up the computer, it says “starting test” (or something like that, and the computer just remains frozen, have to reboot the machine. I’m running XP, is there anything that I have to do to get KProbe to “work” w/ my BTC drive? Special version I need? special driver…?


You don’t need the v1.1.28 of KProbe (at least it freezes the computer everytime i try to use it…i now use v1.1.26) and you don’t need the nVidia IDE drivers to be installed on your system (if your motherboard is NForce2 of course) because they are reported to create incompatibility with this program. Hope it helps :slight_smile: