8X Audio Copying on Plextor, how or what program...?



Whenever I try to copy my MP3 (to CD format)using NTI CDMaker 8X, I always get a buffer underrun… I don’t know if it’s the program itself or it’s not a good idea to write 8X when writing TAO (Track At Once) on my Plextor 8432T, anyone here who have the same problem or is there anyone here writing on 8X??? Let me know… Thanks… Also I got 192 MB of RAM… Thanks


why did you choose for TAO instead of DAO?
Anyway, your 8x speed is too high, because you do 2 things at once
a] converting mp3>wav this take processortime
b] burning them on CD
when conversion isn’t done fast enough, you get lack of information for your burner>buffer underrun.
In my opinion you can better choose for nero, but mind: when some mp3 haven minor faults, such track can be skipped by prog or it’results in a none-playable track.
When you want to be safe, convert mp3>wav on your HD first, then burn them in DAO mode.


Thanks for your reply Misha… But DAO?? The last time I burn a CD using DAO, there are no skip on each track (on my old memorex 1622)so I figured that TAO is the way to go… BTW have u tried buring on NERO with the speed of 8X and recording from Mp3??


Just posted a reply to the same answer.
With my PlexWriter8220T, PioneerDR-U16S and Nero I burn my audio-cd at 8X and in DAO mode to avoid the clicks between the tracks.
I’ve a P3-600/256Mb…
Bye bye


I burn my audio cds also on 8X with my plextor 8432A. I use nero and it works great.
In DAO mode. I`ve a p-3 450 with 64 mb.